How to Fit a Swimsuit

How to Fit a Swimsuit

No matter your or age, finding a great fitting women’s swimsuit is not always an easy task. While men typically have an easier time of finding a great fit in swim trunks, women typically struggle more to find a suit that both looks and feels good. Fabrics and constructions vary greatly, as do styles. For men a traditional swim outfit would consist of either just swim trunks or swim trunks with a swim tee, but for women, there is a lot more to consider. Bust, waist, hip, and torso measurements are all key in finding a great fit, as is choosing the style and bra style that compliments your shape the best.


Measurements are vital to getting the correct fit in a women’s swimsuit. Key measurements include fullest bust, waist, hip, and torso measurements as well as knowledge of your bra cup size. With this information and a good size chart, the correct size is at your fingertips, whether you are choosing a one-piece suit or tankini top and women’s swim shorts. All these measurements are important to finding a suit that fits you well for all types of activities, whether you are spending a day at the beach with your children or relaxing poolside on vacation with your significant other.


For the best fit in the bust for any style of swimsuit, it is key to know your bra cup sizing and also have a fullest bust measurement. Many people confuse bra sizing with fullest bust measurement, but they are not the same thing. Your bra sizing is a combination of the band size under the bust and a cup size which is determined by measuring the fullest bust measurement and subtracting the bra band size. The number of inches of difference is correlated to a cup size (1” = A cup, 2” = B cup, and so on). For example, if you wear a bra size of 38C, your fullest bust is approximately 41” (38 plus an inch for every cup size). To obtain the most accurate swimsuit fit however, it is essential that you are measuring your fullest bust measurement and not using bra sizing. Since women’s swimsuits often come in specific cup sizing, however, it is helpful to also know your bra cup size.


When you bend side to side, the place where your body bends is known as your natural waist. This measurement is important in obtaining a comfortable and flattering fit. The waist measurement is most critical in a one-piece suit but is also important to get a great fit in a tankini top as well. If you buy a tankini that is too small for your waist, the tankini will tend to creep up when you wear it and will cause you to keep tugging it down. Getting the appropriate waist sizing in your suit will ensure that you can focus on your activities at the pool or beach and not how your suit is fitting.


Hips are a very important measurement to obtain a comfortable fit in the leg area. This measurement should be taken around the fullest part of the hips. Having a bottom that is too tight will result in pulling on the legs at the leg openings and having a hip that is too loose will result in sagging and bagging in the seat of the suit.


The torso measurement is very important in the correct fit of a one-piece swimsuit. It measures the length of the person’s torso from shoulder to crotch to starting point at the shoulder. Getting a suit in the proper length is key to getting a good fit in the hip and leg opening as well as at the shoulder. Having a suit that is too short will result in pinching in the inside leg area and possibly pulling on the shoulder straps. In general, if you can put 1-2 fingers under the strap at the shoulder of the suit without it being too tight then the suit is a correct length for you. If you can put more than two fingers under the shoulder strap the suit is likely too long for you. One-piece suits are often offered in a variety of lengths including petite, regular and long torso.

Sizing is Important

Once you have determined the correct sizing for your suit, the next step is to choose a style that will compliment your best features and minimize what you prefer not to show off. Armed with the correct size you can spend your days focused on having fun on the beach and not worrying about adjusting your swimsuit. Remember, every body is a beach body!


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