How to Find a Properly Fitting Swimsuit

How to Find a Properly Fitting Swimsuit

Once you’ve done your measurements and know the size of suit you need, the next step is finding a suit that compliments your shape and provides you with a great fit and comfort. Construction is key. Many suits offer style features that can both flatter and be comfortable to the wearer no matter their activity level. Suits come in a variety of fabrics and colors as well.

Consider Your Use

When choosing the best fitting swimsuit, it is often helpful to consider your primary use for the suit. Are you paddle boarding a local lake or swimming laps at your local indoor pool? Do you typically go to the beach with your children or grandchildren or are you hanging out poolside with your husband or significant other? Determining the most common use of your suit will help you to make determinations as to whether you should buy a one piece suit or two piece suit. Lap swimming typically lends itself better to a one piece chlorine resistant swimsuit, while hanging out on the beach with your kids or grandchildren might call for women's swim shorts and a modest tankini top.

One Piece or Two

Using your body measurements and a size chart, you’ve determined your size. Everyone is proportionately different however. Most people are one size on the top and possibly a different size on the bottom. Once you determine the primary use for your suit, combining that information with your size will help you determine one piece or two piece style. If your body lends itself to one consistent size, then either style will work for you depending on your usage. If you are, like many people, one size on the top and a different size on the bottom then a two piece style would fit you best. Since a one piece women's bathing suit is one size throughout the suit, if your body is not the same size top and bottom, you should choose the size of your biggest area, but that might not fit as well in the smaller area. Opting for a two piece suit which allows for different size top and bottom pieces would be ideal.

Correct Size and Great Fit

With a determination of which size you wear and whether you want a one piece or two piece suit, the next step is choosing something that fits your shape well. Look for fabrics that have ample stretch but are still substantial and will hold up well in chlorinated pools or the beach. Swimsuit fabrics tend to become more stretchy when wet, Keep in mind that when wet it will fit slightly looser, so buy true to size when fitting the suit dry. A common belief is that you should always size up in swimwear, but this is untrue. If you take your actual body measurements and use an appropriate size chart to get your sizing, you should find that the correct size will fit comfortably when you try it on dry and will not become too big when it is wet. Sizing up lends itself to having a suit that will be too stretchy and loose when you are wearing it in water.

If you are a larger busted, then chose an underwire swimsuit for the most support. Lap swimmers often find a shelf bra most comfortable with active movement in the water. A soft cup bra provides a middle ground, offering support along with coverage and modesty. Regardless of bra cup style, the suit should support your bust and give you coverage for any activity in and out of the water. If the bra is uncomfortable when wearing the suit dry, it will also be uncomfortable when wet.

A correct fitting bottom should provide coverage without pinching or constricting the waist. Coverage of all the important areas while still offering a snug but not too tight fit is important. Avoid buying a bottom which is loose fitting when dry as when wet it will sag and give you the “wet diaper” appearance when wet.

Which Style?

The sky is the limit with style of swimsuits! There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Women's one piece and two pieces bathing suits come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit any taste. The style of your women's bathing suit is up to you! The human eye goes to bright colors and patterns first. If you are trying to highlight a particular body feature, wear brighter colors or patterns in that area. If you want to minimize a problem area you might choose a tummy control swimsuit or a women's swimdress. With so many options available, you can find the fit that is great and the style that highlights your best features with ease!


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