How to Choose the Perfect Summer Dress for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Perfect Summer Dress for Your Body Type

When the heat is on, your summer clothing should be both cool and stylish. Dresses are easy to wear in the summer, especially when you pick styles that suit your body type. They are the perfect “set and forget” outfit that makes it look like you spent a lot of time on your look when it took just seconds to assemble. Whether you need special occasion dresses or something to throw on for a quick shopping trip, these are the perfect summer dresses for your body type.

Apple Body Shape

Apple body shapes carry most of the weight in the midsection, so anything that draws attention to the upper or lower body is a strategic look. Get a dress with a high waist or drop waist, or opt for a swing dress. Full skirts cinch at the waist and show off your shape and draw attention to the entire length of your body. Apple body types have great legs, so make sure you show these off to the max. Shorter dresses are a strength for this body type, and there are plenty of styles to flaunt with shorter skirts! As you can see, there is a wide arrangement of styles that work with this body shape, which makes it fun to show off different looks every time you go out.

Athletic Body Types

If you have an athletic body, you may feel like activewear is your flagship outfit, but there are plenty of dresses that look good on your toned curves as well. Your body has narrow hips and shoulders, so you can make a curvier silhouette by defining your waist. The strategy for enhancing your athletic body is to balance your narrow upper and lower halves.

All your dresses should aim to create an hourglass effect. So, look for things that give you more volume, like frilly fit and flare dresses, ruffle collars, crocheted effects, lace, and anything that enhances the bust and hips while minimizing the waist. One-shoulder dresses are also attractive on athletic body types because they can enhance the beauty of your delicate shoulders. Fitted bodycon dresses are also flattering on this body shape for their ability to draw attention to both the upper and lower half of the body and bring balance.

For Broad Shoulders

If you have a V- type body shape with broad shoulders, your clothing should balance your shoulders with the lower half of your body. A-line dresses do a wonderful job of adding more volume to your hips to even out your figure. This is also an excellent cut to accentuate the natural waist and add curves to practically any other body type.

This is an easy body type to dress like the apple shape. A wide variety of dresses look good with V bodies because broad shoulders look excellent with everything from single straps, strapless dresses, spaghetti strap styles, high necklines, and more. Overall, make sure you give your lower half some support and extra volume if you can, and you’re on your way to the perfect dressy look.

Pear-Shaped Bodies

Inverted V-body shapes have wider hips and narrower shoulders and bust. This triangle body type needs more enhancement on the top half to downplay the hips and thighs. Add volume to the upper half of your body with a strapless top, fitted open neck top, a V-neckline, or a one-strap dress. T-shirt dresses are also flattering on this body type because they drape over the hips and create a subtle silhouette.

An A-line skirt can smooth over a wider hip line and create a fun, flouncy look flattering for this body type. It creates a narrower waistline and a balanced shape. Pear-shaped individuals (and V-shaped bodies) have challenges with fitted dresses since the bottom half of the dress requires a different size compared to the upper half of the body. So, if you want to rock a fitted dress, a tailor will achieve the perfect fit for you, and all will be well.

Different Heights

Though your body shape is one factor, your height also plays a role in what type of dress looks good on you. For instance, maxi dresses look good on people of all heights and shapes, but they are extremely flattering on tall figures. Petite women, who are shorter than 5 ft. 3in, should favor fitted dresses and take advantage of how belts create a fuller shape. Petite women also look good in short dresses that show off some legs. Asymmetrical hemlines also have a heightening effect for petite women and should be part of every shorter woman’s closet!

No Matter What You Choose, Stay Cool

It doesn’t matter how great you look if you don’t feel comfortable. We believe that first and foremost, you should feel good in what you wear, so no matter what style you choose, don’t overheat in a material that isn't right for summer. This is why you should invest in summer dresses that are made out of breathable and light materials like 100% cotton and linen. These natural materials will keep you feeling fresh all day.

By getting the right dresses for your body type, you can do all the fun summer activities while looking your best!


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