How to Choose a Swimsuit That Flatters Broad Shoulders

How to Choose a Swimsuit That Flatters Broad Shoulders

When indoor pools and warm getaways are just a vacation away, every time of year can be swimsuit season. Finding the most flattering swimsuit style for your body will make you feel more confident as you enjoy your downtime by the water. There are many different styles of swimsuits to flatter the variety of body types, so if you need something new this season, you’re in luck. Whether you’d like to look taller, shorter, slimmer, or fuller, there is a swimsuit style to minimize and maximize all your assets.

People with broad shoulders have plenty to work with when it comes to clothing and swimsuit styles. They can easily find attractive bathing suits that work well with their stature. Most swimsuits for the broad-shouldered shape, also known as the inverted triangle, focus on balancing the top and bottom with strategically styled swimwear. Here’s how to choose a swimsuit that most flatters this body type in the way you want.

Main Considerations for Broad Shoulders

People with broad shoulders typically have a chest and shoulders that are wider than the rest of their body. This body type is also known as the inverted triangle, and it makes for an attractive figure, especially when wearing flattering swimwear. If you have broad shoulders, you might have a goal is to bring balance to your body.

You could divert attention to the rest of your body with certain neckline and strap styles, and make strategic use of patterns and swimwear cuts. The good news is that practically anything goes with your body type. There are very few styles to avoid when going for this look, such as strapless bandeaus and non-adjustable straps.

Swim Dresses

People with broad shoulders often seek to balance their frame, and an attractive swim dress does just that. A "dresskini" with a little A-line flare out on the bottom draws attention to the lower half of the body and balances out the width of the shoulders. If you want some slimming action, a dark, solid-colored tummy control swim dress, which utilizes a compression material, can do double-duty. People who want to create a fuller frame will enjoy a swim dress with patterns around the bust and underwire support.

High Neck Tankinis

When you want to make the shoulders appear more narrow, a high-neck tankini can do the trick. A high-neck top angles inward toward the neck, creating the illusion of a shorter distance between your shoulders. If you prefer modest bathing suits this cut is a great option, ideal for active people who want extra coverage. High-neck tops can come in the form of halters, square neck, and scoop neck styles. Try on each type to find out which form makes the most out of your unique shape.

V-Neck One-Pieces

One-piece swimsuits remain some of the most universally flattering swimwear options on the market. This style, in particular, works magic on broad-shouldered frames. First, it elongates the figure, especially if you select a high-cut style. Secondly, the v-neckline creates a flattering plunge that draws attention away from the shoulders and also has a slimming effect. The plunge essentially breaks up some space between your shoulders and creates a narrower space.

One-pieces are also convenient to wear in a variety of situations, being appropriate for family gatherings to poolside lounging with friends. For a timeless, chic look, you can’t miss having this piece in your closet. It promises years of fashionable use as this style has stood the test of time.

Asymmetrical Tops

The one-shouldered trend is hot right now, and it’s good news if you have broad shoulders. If you don’t feel like scouring the internet for a new swimsuit, simply take one of your bikini tops with an adjustable strap and recreate the look. Elongate one side and swing it over your head to have both straps rest one side. You can also get a convertible underwire bikini top, which allows you to move its straps to many positions such as center, halter, to the side, and more!

Why does this look go so well with your body type? It’s all about the power of artistic illusion. Asymmetrical tops break up the neckline and draw attention away from the shoulders, creating a new focal point.

Patterns and Ruffles

Any swimsuit that utilizes patterns and ruffles to your advantage is a must. For example, a solid-colored top with a floral patterned swim skirt will create a new balance with your proportions by drawing attention to the lower half of your body. Patterns and ruffles in the bottom is an easy way to create more fullness on the bottom half of your body. Ruffles can also create more fullness in the chest area and draw attention away from the shoulders. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to create a fuller figure in the bust area.

With so many options for a fashionable swimsuit, you’re bound to find your favorite look.


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