Caring for Your Canvas Bag

How to Care for your Lands' End Canvas Bag

There are many reasons to love your Lands' End canvas bag. They are water resistant, making them perfect for the beach, pool, or any random inclement weather. They have plenty of pockets to keep your phone, keys, wallet and other items secure. They can even be personalized with a monogram, embroidery, or both!

Lands' End Canvas Bags are durable and designed for real life. They are tested to hold up to 500 pounds. The wide felled seams allow it to stand upright and keep contents inside. This makes for a versatile bag that can go with you anywhere! We love using our Lands' End Canvas Bags for trips to the beach, as a laptop bag, as a diaper bag, and even for carry on luggage.

If you're looking for a new lunch box look no further! You can find all of the benefits of a Lands' End Canvas Bag but in lunch box form! Our Insulated Cooler Tote Bag will be sure to keep your food cold! Perfect for an everyday lunch tote, a picnic or even a trip to the grocery store!

It's easy to see why Lands' End Canvas bags are loved by our customers. Although we love our Lands' End Canvas Bags, we also know that life happens. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the care of canvas bags:

How do I clean my Lands' End Canvas Bag?

Cleaning your beloved Lands' End Canvas Bag is as easy as spot cleaning and letting air dry. We recommend starting with plain cold water. Use a light-colored rag or sponge to gently wipe away stains. It's best to use a dabbing technique as opposed to scrubbing vigorously. Be sure your rag or sponge isn't soaking wet, only damp. Next, allow to air dry. You can air dry it indoors but who doesn't love an excuse to use their clothesline? If the plain cold water doesn't work initially, try using a mild liquid soap and repeat the process.

Can you put a canvas bag in the washing machine?

It is not recommended to put your canvas bag in the washing machine. Washing canvas in a washing machine can alter the look and feel of the canvas. To keep your canvas in great condition it is recommended to spot clean and let it air dry.

How do I remove stubborn stains?

For the stains that can't be removed by spot cleaning, try pretreating the stain with a stain remover. Follow the package instructions. After using the stain remover, gently spot clean with soapy water. Then, allow to air dry. Nothing is more satisfying than finally kicking stubborn stains!

Tip for cleaning the inside of my canvas bag?

One fun way to clean the inside of your canvas bag is with a vacuum cleaner! Simply use the hose attachment to suck up any dirt or crumbs that have accumulated in the bottom. Alternatively, shake it out outside to start with a crumb-free slate. If there are any stains or spots, simply spot clean with soapy water and allow to air dry.

If you're cleaning the interior of your insulated canvas bag, try using a sanitizer wipe to clean and sanitize.

Can my Lands' End Canvas Bag get wet?

All Lands' End canvas bags have a water-resistant base and trim! This means it's ok if your bag gets a bit wet. Your bag – and the contents of your bag – will stay protected. So feel free to set your bag down on a damp sidewalk after a rain shower. Or, take your canvas to the beach or pool!

Here at Lands' End we're proud of our iconic canvas bags. From bags to lunch boxes to backpacks, our canvas is sure to help you look stylish while being durable and practical. We hope that these tips help you keep your Lands' End Canvas looking as good as the first day you got it!


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