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How to care for cashmere

There’s nothing difficult about caring for cashmere. This soft, luxurious fiber is easy to clean and keep in excellent condition with little effort. In fact, you don’t even need to take cashmere pieces to the dry cleaner.

Can cashmere be hand washed?

Feel free to hand wash a Land’s End cashmere turtleneck, cardigan or tee. Just fill a sink with cold water, add baby shampoo, swirl the garment around and soak it for 30 minutes before rinsing. Next, gently squeeze out excess moisture (without wringing), reshape the sweater and let it dry flat.

Do cashmere sweaters shrink?

Our soft and snuggly cashmere can shrink, so always handle it carefully. For instance, if you wash a cashmere poncho in hot water, it will probably be a few sizes smaller when you finish. Avoid disaster by only using cold water and never putting cashmere in the dryer.

Can you wash cashmere sweaters in the washing machine?

Most modern washing machines have a gentle cycle that’s fine for cashmere. Keep your sweater safe in the machine by placing it in a mesh washing bag or a tied-off pillowcase. For extra protection, add a couple of towels to provide padding during the spin cycle.

Can you hang cashmere sweaters?

Hangers are fine for most clothing, but they can damage some delicate items, like a cashmere ruffle sleeve sweater. Even a padded hanger may cause dimpling and marks, so it’s not worth the risk. The forces of gravity will damage the sweater’s shape as well.

How do I store my cashmere sweaters?

Keep your favorite Lands’ End cashmere sweaters and your winter coats in good condition by putting them in a dust-free, well-ventilated area away from sunlight. Use cedar balls or specially treated paper to repel hungry moths and other pests. An acid-free storage bag is also a good idea.

How do I fold cashmere sweaters?

To fold a cashmere sweater, place it facedown and fold the arms straight across so one lays on top of the other. Next, fold one side of the sweater over to the center and then repeat with the other side so the edges meet in the middle. Finally, fold the bottom section of the sweater upwards. Voila!


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