How Do You Add Padding to a Bathing Suit?

How Do You Add Padding to a Bathing Suit?

Let’s get it out in the open: when you’re wearing a bathing suit, you care about the way your breasts look. This is totally natural – don’t feel silly or embarrassed! After all, few pieces of attire put your bosom on display like a swimsuit, so it’s perfectly normal to want to give yourself a little boost in this area with padding.

The Right Padding for Your Swimsuit

If you’re not planning to get wet, you can buy a pair of inexpensive inserts and slip them into the bust of your swimsuit. Make sure it will keep them in place, though. If your suit has a shelf bra, underwires, or soft cups, they should be able to hold inserts without anything popping out. Always do a trial run at home, and wiggle, bend and move while wearing the padding to make sure everything stays where it should.

Going to swim and splash around? You need waterproof padding – anything else will become soaked and soggy, which isn’t a good look! Go online and look for inserts made especially for use in the water. Make sure to order from a website with a generous return policy so you can send them back if they don’t work, and always try them with your swimsuit before heading to the beach.

If You Need Mastectomy Swimwear

After a mastectomy, padding in your swimsuit takes on new significance. It can make you feel like yourself again and give you the confidence to wear a bathing suit in public even though your body has undergone some intense changes.

Lands’ End makes swimsuits especially for women who’ve had mastectomies. Each one has pockets in the bosom designed to hold your breast prostheses securely in place, so no one will know you’ve had surgery but you. If possible, purchase waterproof breast forms made especially for swimming, as they’ll keep their shape even when you’ve been in the pool for a while.

We design our mastectomy swimwear with other helpful touches, too. The armholes are smaller and the necklines are higher, which helps conceal scars and marks leftover from surgery. Each suit also has soft seams that won’t chafe your delicate skin, ensuring you stay comfortable all day long.

Finding the Best Swimsuit for Your Bust

There’s more to the way a swimsuit fits your bust than padding. Consider the size of your bosom, and how much support you need, when picking something out. If you’re blessed with a large chest, try a swimsuit or bikini with underwires. They’ll fit much like a bra and help keep everything in place when you’re active. Some brands even offer individual cup sizes, making it easier to get something that fits just right.

Soft cups are a nice alternative to padding. They mold and gently support your bosom, subtly enhancing your curves to bring out the best in your figure. If you need just a little extra something up top, they’re a good option and Lands’ End features soft cups in a variety of swimsuits, bikinis, and tankinis.

Women with a smaller chest can often get away with swimsuits that offer less support, like string bikinis and strapless bandeaus. If you want to add some padding, make sure it goes well with your suit, creates a natural look, and won’t shift when you move. Some suits come with built-in padding, which can be wonderful for anyone with a petite bosom.

Swimsuits with adjustable straps are also nice for enhancing your bust. Pull them tighter and they will give you more cleavage, making you seem more buxom. A suit with a deep v-neck is also nice for drawing attention to your bosom.

Boosting Your Bum

Do you want a swimsuit that offers a little padding for your bum? When you wear a swimsuit, your derriere is often on display, and sometimes, it’s nice to give this area a little something extra. Adding padding to your rear can be hard though, and anything you slip inside your bikini bottoms or one-piece suit might not hold up when jumping in the water.

Instead, add volume to your bum with a suit that has ruffles across the rear. Layers and flowing fabric make your bottom look larger, helping create that bada-boom shape you crave. If you have a small bum, you should also consider a swimsuit that exposes a little more cheek. Revealing extra skin can make the entire area seem bigger and create the illusion of gorgeous curves.


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