How Often Should a Man Buy Himself New Clothes?

How Often Should a Man Buy Himself New Clothes?

Wondering how often a man should buy himself new clothes? It isn’t always easy for a fella to know the best time to shop for himself. Plus men’s fashions tend to change more slowly than women’s styles. Overall, the decision depends on several variables, such as if you’re looking for an update or a totally new look. Additionally, the frequency of getting new men’s clothes is affected by each man’s personal reason for wanting new clothes. So, check out this list to get ideas on when you should buy yourself some stylish new clothes.

Get New Clothes When the Basics Look Worn Out

For garments that form the foundation of your wardrobe, like undergarments and men’s t-shirts, any time you notice things are looking worn out or damaged, it’s time to shop. This might not happen on a predetermined schedule because a lot of factors affect how long garments last. Details like your activity level, the way you store garments between uses, and your laundering process can shorten or lengthen their lifespan. As a rule of thumb, though, check garments for wear about every two to three months. Then buy new when things start to show signs of wear.

Get New Clothes When You Need a Boost

A new outfit can give your mood an instant boost. Pick something that suits your style, or something in your favorite color. Or, go completely outside your normal style to create a completely new look. Exploring new styles can be fun, and it can be a great way to brighten your spirits after a long week at work or any time you need to make a big change. Changing jobs? Trying a new sport? Just feel like you need a new outlook? Then now’s the perfect time to start shopping for some new things to wear.

Get a New Men’s Suit for a Special Occasion

A special occasion may be the perfect reason to shop for a new men’s suit. Attending a wedding? Starting a new job? Graduation? Any number of occasions that require a bit of formality can be the reason behind your need to get new clothes. One of the main things to consider when shopping for a suit is the degree of formality you want to express. For example, if you plan to wear your new suit to formal occasions, try to stick with traditional, dark suit colors. If you want a suit that’s light and playful, let your creative side rule when choosing.

Get New Men’s Accessories for a Fresh Style

Choosing accessories that complete your look is an important part of shopping for clothes, and it’s so easy to do. Common men’s accessories include items like belts, watches, and shoes. Hats, scarves, ties, and men’s jewelry are some other accessories you may enjoy. Other than shoes, these are typically things you wear that aren’t necessities, but they can go a long way in upgrading your style. Additionally, swapping accessories can sometimes give you a whole new look without replacing an entire outfit.

Get New Clothes for a New Job

A new job is an exciting reason to shop for new clothes, and it’s a snap to find the right garments when you have such a large selection at your fingertips. Build a work wardrobe by choosing casual or dressy men’s shirts and men’s pants that are right for your profession. Options include casual choices, like jeans and a t-shirt, or dressier styles like dress slacks, polo shirts and button-down shirts.

Get New Clothes When Seasons Change

About every three months, when seasons change, consider updating your wardrobe with some new garments. Adding a few items to your wardrobe when the seasons change helps make sure you stay as comfortable as possible in the warmer or colder weather. Or, you can stock up on cozy, warm men’s hooded tops and sweatpants or corduroys to keep yourself warm when temperatures drop. This approach to clothes shopping helps ensure you always have some nice things to wear - and some stylish clothes on hand for any occasion that arises. Changing seasons bring warmer or colder weather, so you can choose lighter clothing to keep yourself comfortable when warm weather arrives.

Shopping for new clothes every two or three months is a reasonable plan if your main goal is keeping your wardrobe fresh. However, when special occasions roll around - or if you want an entirely new look - the wide variety of garments and styles available from Lands’ End can make it easy for you to create the look you want. Browse through our selection of men’s clothes today to find the perfect piece - or pieces - to complete your look.


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