How Not To Look Frumpy Over 50

How Not To Look Frumpy Over 50

As we age, we get wiser, so it makes sense that we grow out of some of the things we used to do. The same can be said of your wardrobe; as you age, you may grow out of some of your dated, “younger” clothes. This doesn’t mean losing your style or being any less fashionable or chic. It only means accommodating your needs and comfort as you grow. At any age, you deserve to look and feel your best. With these tips, you’re sure to keep your style groove no matter your age! Here’s how to keep your wardrobe fresh and fun with our tips on how not to look frumpy over 50.

Bold, Bright Colors

A great way to avoid feeling bored by your clothes as you get older is to keep things fun! Bold, bright colors are a simple way to show your personality without doing anything extra. Even otherwise plain or modest dresses are chic and stylish with the right color tones and hues! Don’t be afraid to wear colors that pop. You’re bright and bold no matter your age, so why shouldn’t your clothes be?

Fun, Funky Patterns

Like colors, patterns are another great way to express yourself with your clothes. No matter the silhouette or clothing piece, a bright, fun pattern or design is the perfect statement piece. Think florals, paisley, plaid — the options are endless to customize and make your patterned piece your own. You can never go wrong with a cute patterned maxi dress — it’s a great way to take a classic item and really freshen it up. Don’t overthink this one, it doesn’t have to be anything too crazy. Simple stripes or subtle designs are also awesome, it’s whatever matches your personal style!

Remember the Classics: Black, White, Grey, Tan

While bright and bold colors help you show off your fun personality, classic neutral tones are also great for everyone. Like you, they just get better with age! Black, white, grey, tan, muted green—all these colors are great for pants, jeans, or dresses when you’re feeling more low-key or just living your everyday life! Perfect for chores, running errands, hanging out around the house, or going out. With the right styling, these tones can be either glam or casual, it’s all up to you and how you’re feeling. You can even pair your neutral tones with bright, bold colors or patterns to get the best of both worlds.

Experiment With Silhouettes

As you age, you’ll probably find some things you used to wear don’t work for you anymore. No more short shorts or tube tops—you’re a sophisticated woman! Instead, experiment with silhouettes that you might not have explored before. While mini skirts and dresses probably aren’t your style anymore, go for maxi or midi dresses that match your style! They’re still fun and flirty, but give you a little extra length and coverage. Or maybe capri pants, Bermuda shorts, or other pant styles you might enjoy. You never know what you might like until you give it a shot, so try silhouettes you haven’t before. You just may find your new favorite!

Spice Any Outfit Up With Accessories and Handbags

Keeping your look fresh isn’t always about the outfit itself! Accessorizing is key to any truly great outfit, and it makes sense why! Jewelry, bags, scarves, and other fashionable accessories are an easy way to take an outfit to the next level. Statement pieces, brooches, hats, and headbands are all simple pieces you can add to any everyday look to elevate it. A black dress is just a black dress before a necklace, earrings, belts, and a great handbag transform it into an ensemble! Tote bags are also cheap, fun, and easy options. You get the idea! Accessorizing is the way to show your personal style with any look, no matter the occasion. Plus, being over 50 just means you’ve had decades to hone your style and accumulate your best jewelry and accessories. Break open your jewelry box and pull out your hats! It’s time to accessorize.

Take It to the Next Level With Shoes

Similar to jewelry, hats, and other fun accessories mentioned above, shoes are the final missing piece of your perfect outfit puzzle. From sandals and flats to platform heels and everything in between, the shoes you choose for your outfit will help dress it up or down. Whether you’re feeling casual and comfortable with sneakers or formal and fancy with heels, wear the shoes that you feel most supported by. Your comfort is ultimately key, even more as you get older! Never compromise your comfort for shoes that hurt your feet. Your days of uncomfortable, tight, or too-flat footwear are behind you.

No matter how old you get, your personal style stays your own. Avoid looking frumpy over 50 (or at any age) by keeping things fresh, fun, and true to your taste. With all these tips, you’re sure to look and feel your best over 50 and beyond! Who says getting old means having less fun? Not you. And not your style either.


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