Do School Uniforms Save Money? Let's Find Out

Do School Uniforms Save Money? Let's Find Out

At surface level, buying school uniforms appears extremely expensive. However, there are many ways buying school uniforms can save you money in the long run. Here are some examples of how investing in school uniforms can actually save you money.

Fewer Pieces to Purchase

Because your child has a set uniform to wear to school you don't have to worry about creating an entire wardrobe for them. You no longer have to fret about having plenty of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to complete outfits and have something different to wear each day. If your school has a school uniform policy, it may seem expensive upfront to buy multiple sets of uniform pieces. However, if you only have to buy those pieces, you will save money overall. For example, instead of buying dozens of shirts so your child has something different to wear every day, you only need to buy 5 or so shirts that can easily be washed and rotated.

Clothing trends come and go quickly. Staying on top of what is cool or cute requires a ton of money. Investing in school uniforms removes the pressure of keeping up.

Investing in High-Quality Uniform Pieces

Just because a kid is wearing a uniform doesn't mean they stop being kids. They're just as busy as usual and will rough around regardless of what they're wearing. They will play, run around and get dirty. This requires extra-durable clothes.

Buying cheap school uniform pieces doesn't mean you're saving money in the long run. Especially if it means repurchasing every few weeks due to wear and tear.

By investing in high-quality uniform pieces you'll save money in the long run. Lands' End school uniforms are proven to go the extra mile to withstand any type of abuse. Our 100% cotton polo shirts resist wrinkles, fading, pilling, shrinking, and stains. In addition, Lands' End khaki uniform pants feature hard-wearing fabric and reinforced knees to be extra durable. These pieces will be outgrown, not outworn.

Even if your school doesn't require a school uniform, there's plenty of school functions that require school uniform pieces. For example, many band concerts require basic black pants and a school uniform white polo. Stock up on Lands' End basics like polos and chino pants for your student's special events.

Passing Them on to Siblings

Got multiple kids? Great! With an investment in a durable uniform, the next brother or sister in line can be sure to reuse their Lands' End school uniform with it looking as great as day 1. Our school uniforms are built to last the school year - and the next brother or sister in line. Lands' End School provides quality toddler school uniforms as well as elementary school, middle school, and high school students. So no matter what stage of life your family is in, Lands' End has you covered.

The Perfect Fit

Did you know that Lands' End even offers free hemming with school uniform pants? Now you don't have to worry about buying the wrong size pants for your growing child. No more trips back and forth to the store to return the wrong size. Simply measure and get the exact pair needed for your child. Order any pair of school uniform pants, pick your inseam and we'll hem them…for FREE.

The Lands' End True Fit tool will help you find your child's perfect size for all uniform pieces from polo tops to chino pants. It only takes about 30 seconds.

Saving Time

Your time is valuable and limited. By purchasing standard uniform pieces you no longer need to rush from store to store and spend an entire weekend buying clothes. And when your child starts the school year, mornings will be less stressful because you don't need to spend time picking out what they'll wear that day. That leaves more time free to sleep. Nice! Although this isn't directly tied to money, you can't put a price on your time or an extra 15 minutes of rest daily.

School Rewards Program

With the Lands' End School Rewards Program even your school can save! Your school can receive up to a 3% cash-back reward from your school's total uniform purchases. This money helps your school improve!

State Tax-Free Holidays

School uniforms are nearly always on the list of items included in tax-free weekends. Layering those additional savings with your uniform purchase can help reduce the cost even further. Even at a regular price, school uniforms can save you money in the long run. A tax-free holiday is just the cherry on top.


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