How to Easily Dress up Comfy Clothes

How to Easily Dress up Comfy Clothes

Looking your best doesn't always mean you have to sacrifice comfort. In fact, some of the most stunning outfits can be made with cozy clothes from your closet. So don't fret when you have to go from the couch to an impromptu online meetup. There are plenty of ways to dress up comfy clothes quickly — without spending a lot of time either. Go from looking like you're ready for a Netflix night-in to attending a vibrant Zoom happy hour in minutes with these dress-up tips. Here's how to easily spruce up comfy clothes to look ready for visitors anytime.

Accessorize Your Tunic Tops

When you're lounging at home, cozy tunics and leggings are among the choice picks of loungewear. Both flattering and comfortable, it's the outfit combo that’s so comfortable you can wear to bed without needing to change into PJs. However, you can turn this outfit into a stunning ensemble in a matter of seconds by just putting on an accessory or two. Whether it's a fashion scarf or a long necklace, these extra touches can make your outfit look socially-ready instead of something for staying in. 

Add a Layer for More Depth

One of the best classic tips for dressing up comfy clothes is to simply add a layer. For example, if you're wearing a tank top and palazzo pants, then a long sleeve women's cardigan sweater can make you look ready for company in 5 seconds. An extra layer, whether it's a moto jacket, scarf, vest, or any other kind of layering element, will create more depth to your outfit and make it look like you spent more time on it. It also adds more of your personality and fun to your entire look. You can also introduce contrasting colors with your layers to create a new visual element to your original outfit.

If you typically enjoy wearing a cozy T-shirt and jeans, then you will find an easy upgrade with throwing a blazer over everything. Whether it's the winter or summer, you can find the appropriate material that is light or heavy enough to keep you comfortable. Blazers can also give you an instant business casual look for unplanned video conferences — perfect for working at home!

Change The Bottom to Something More Formal

More often than not, the component that you need to change to make your outfit fancier is the bottom. It's easier to dress up comfy women's tops like T-shirts and tunics by switching out some sweatpants for slacks or jeans. Overall, a more casual top can look better when the bottom piece is more formal. If you're wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants set, then you can make a quick change into a pair of skinny jeans while keeping your sweatshirt on. This quick change immediately dresses up your outfit.

Shoes Make the Finishing Touch

When it comes to looking dressy, your shoes matter. If you want to dress up your comfy clothes, then you must pay particular attention to how your shoes look. What style would elevate your outfit? If you're wearing a T-shirt dress, then slippers and flats can make it look more casual. However, if you wear heels, pumps, or dressy sandals, then the look immediately becomes more elevated. The same goes for men's clothing. If you want to pass your outfit as more formal, then take a pass on the athletic sandals and opt for a pair of penny loafers or clean sneakers. When done correctly, your shoes should complete the image you're trying to create.

Be Neat and Tidy

No matter how dressed up you are, if you do not have your hair and or makeup done so you look neat, you won’t get the best results. Don't forget to spruce things up when you dress up your outfit. Do what you need to do to look neat and tidy — whether you prefer light makeup, combed hair, or quick beard trim. To achieve an overall dressy look, being neat from head to toe is important. This step only takes a few minutes but can greatly affect the final results. 

With these dress-up tips, you can easily elevate a casual outfit and look ready for a virtual hang out or socially distanced outdoor event.


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