Styling Tips: How to Wear Bermuda Shorts

Styling Tips: How to Wear Bermuda Shorts

What are Bermuda Length Shorts?

What are women's knee-length shorts called? Generally, these shorts are called long shorts or Bermuda shorts. When it comes to length, both women’s long shorts and men’s bermuda length shorts usually fall about one inch above the knee. They tend to have a 10-to-12-inch inseam. Long shorts come in a variety of colors, but navy, black, and khaki are the most popular options. They have a variety of different fits, from a very loose, boyfriend type fit to a more fitted, sophisticated silhouette. With so many options to choose from, there is a pair of long shorts for every woman. Here are a few tips on how to wear long shorts this summer.

What Do You Wear with Long Shorts?

How do I style Bermuda shorts? What are the best shoes to wear with long shorts? Bermuda shorts can be difficult to style because of their unique length. The key is to pair the shorts with the right kind of top and then add accessories. Some Bermuda shorts come in a loose, casual fit. These shorts look best when paired with a loose, flowy top with feminine details and brown sandals or wedges. You can choose to tuck in your shirt and add a belt for a more stylish look. Fitted Bermuda shorts can be used to create a more structured look. These shorts look great with button-down tops of any color. For a look that can be worn in or out of the office, try a striped button-down with a dark pair of fitted Bermuda shorts and a pair of flats or loafers. Long chino shorts are another classic that can be worn just about anywhere. They can be paired with both casual tops or more business-appropriate button-down tops. Chino shorts can be accessorized with a thin belt and a pair of detailed loafers.

Are Long Shorts Appropriate for Work?

If your business has a business casual dress code, long shorts are generally a great option for work. Long shorts are the perfect alternative to dress pants in the summertime. When choosing long shorts for work, look for fitted shorts or chinos in colors such as navy or black. Choose button-down tops or dressy blouses that can be tucked into your long shorts. Add a black or brown belt to polish this look even further and finish the outfit off with a pair of black pumps. Some long shorts can be paired with a matching blazer for an even more put-together look. Long shorts are the best way to look professional and stylish even on the hottest of days. Knowing how to wear Bermuda shorts to work will be a lifesaver when the temperatures start to skyrocket.


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