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How Do You Style Shorts?

Styling Different Types of Shorts

Shorts may be your most comfortable option in warm weather, but they can be difficult to style, especially in a professional setting. Knowing how to style different types of shorts and how to make them appropriate for different settings is a skill any woman can master.

Styling Black Shorts

What can I wear with black shorts? Black shorts are probably the easiest to style because of the dark, neutral silhouette they create. They can also give the illusion of slimmer legs. Black shorts look great with loose tees, polo tops or even a dressier blouse or button-up shirt. For contrast, you can wear lighter colors such as white or lavender on top. Black shorts can be paired with black or white sneakers, strappy sandals or another comfortable pair of shoes, such as loafers or slip-ons. Black shorts can be a great option for work if your office is more business casual, though you may consider consulting your supervisor about whether shorts are appropriate for work.

Styling Jean Shorts

How do you wear jean shorts? Jean shorts are a classic hot weather staple. They are considered to be very casual and likely wouldn’t be appropriate in a business setting. Think of them as one step above athletic or jersey shorts. They can be paired with a variety of tees or tank tops. To provide more of a polished look, pair your jean shorts with a button-down top. When it comes to footwear, sneakers are a great choice, but slip-ons or sandals can also work with jean shorts.

Styling Chino Shorts or Khaki Shorts

How do you wear chino shorts? Are khaki shorts business casual? Chino shorts are great for those who want the comfort of shorts but still want to maintain some professionalism. Chino shorts are most popular in a blue or khaki tan color. Though office standards vary, they likely fall under business casual. They go perfectly with a polo top or a button-down or a loose blouse. You have a lot of flexibility when choosing shoes to match your chino or khaki shorts. White sneakers, loafers or sandals are all practical options.

Styling Pleated Shorts

Are pleated shorts in style? Lands’ End has plenty of stylish options for pleated shorts but what matters most is your personal preference. They look best with a form fitting tee or tucked in tank top, and matched with sandals or loafers. Pleated shorts can be dressed up when paired with heels. Try a pair of black pleated shorts with a contrasting white top and a pair of nude heels for a more formal summertime outfit.

Styling High Waisted Shorts

How do you wear high waisted shorts? High waisted shorts look most polished with a tucked in shirt. For a more professional look, style high waisted shorts with a button-down top and loafers. If your style is more laid back, try high waisted shorts with a crew neck tee and a pair of slip-on shoes. High waisted shorts can be work appropriate with a conservative length and if paired with a dressier top.

Styling Long Shorts

How do you wear long shorts? Long shorts are a more formal option for hotter weather. Long shorts usually sit about one inch above the knee. These shorts are likely the most appropriate for work. When searching for business casual shorts, look for chino or black shorts in a longer length. Style your long shorts with a white button-down shirt and loafers. Long shorts also look great with matching blazers. Transition your long shorts into the weekend by pairing them with sneakers and a loose, tucked in tee.


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