Choosing Plus-Size Swimwear to Flatter Anyone

Choosing Plus-Size Swimwear to Flatter Anyone

Shopping to update your swimwear wardrobe for the summer season can really help you through those last frigid weeks of winter and the muddy weeks of spring! But, searching for a plus size bathing suit that is both flattering and comfortable used to be a major test of one’s patience and stamina. Now, we’re thankful to say, retailers have caught on to the fact that plus-size shoppers want the same selection and features as straight-sized shoppers, making swimsuit shopping an exciting adventure for shoppers in every department! Nothing beats that first ray of sunshine on your skin or that first step into still-chilly water in the early days of summer, and you can be sure that your bathing suit is just as cute, trendy, comfy and well-made as any other woman’s at the beach or pool!

There are many different basic body types, and every person’s body is unique to them, so it's important to find a swimsuit just right for you—something that makes you glow from the inside out! We've come up with a few helpful tips to simplify your search for your ideal swimwear, keeping shopping fun and your search fruitful!

Decide on the Fit and Type of Swimsuit

First, figure out what basic swimwear style is right for you. A bikini? A one-piece? A plus size tankini? Before you can decide on color or detailing, consider the design of the swimsuit itself. What is right for your body type and your lifestyle? Would you prefer underwire bust support? Do you like a full-coverage bottom? Would you feel more comfortable in a suit with a tummy control swimwear feature? Do you spend time chasing little ones, or chasing rays? Choosing flattering plus-size swimsuits isn’t much different than any other swimsuit shopping anymore! Spend time browsing online, and when you go brick-and-mortar for trying on swimwear, bring a friend along—a brutally honest one—to help you choose the right design and cut. Allot at least a couple of hours so that you don’t feel rushed. Rushing leads to panic and dissatisfaction.

Just a tip: If you really don’t know where to begin choosing a fit or style of swimsuit, give it a quick Google! We have easy, informative articles right here on the Lands’ End blog that can help you determine your body type in accepting, non-judgmental language. Swimwear for everybody and every body.

Pick a Color

Once you've landed on a swimsuit style you love, you can begin to think about the overall look of your swimwear. You want to decide on a color or colors that compliment your look and help you feel great about yourself. Multi Colored swimsuits offer visual variety while solid colors can offer sophistication. You might like classic, elegant black or navy in a streamlined cut, or may wish to stand out in a sea of black bathing suits with bright colors that show your fun, exuberant side. The possibilities are endless!

Use Prints to Your Advantage

Consider adding a few pieces in prints or patterns to your swimwear wardrobe. Because NO, plus size swimwear absolutely does not have to be all black! There are ways you can wear prints to enhance or downplay specific features or areas of your body if you wish to do so, though; a bright top with a plain bottom can accentuate your bosom and minimize your hips, for example, while a large-scale all-over print obscures the details of your proportions. Prints also express your style well! If you prefer a classic, preppy aesthetic, crisp gingham and fresh florals are a good bet. If you want something flirty, polka dots are a winning look. Free spirits often go for natural, boho-inspired prints in muted colors. Think about prints as part of your look to achieve maximum swimwear satisfaction.

Add Some Swimwear Accessories

Another way to transform your bathing suit into a flattering swimwear ensemble is by styling it with accessories, such as a sarong or cute rash guard. Plus size cover ups can help create an elongated visual line to your look, adding elegance and panache. You could choose a wrap or a swim dress, or (my personal favorite) swim capris. Be sure that you have sandals and sunnies that help you feel magnificent, and since sun protection is always in style, a fabulous hat is a must!

Keep shopping fun as you choose plus-size swimwear by considering your needs and preferences before you dive in—no pun intended! By thinking first and shopping after, you can be sure to find swimsuits and swimwear accessories that help you look and feel your confident best, with a minimum of frustration. Happy shopping!


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