A Guide to Shopping for Your Child's Graduation

A Guide to Shopping for Your Child's Graduation

Your child’s graduation day is important, and you’ll want both yourself and your son or daughter to look their very best. From preschool through college, get tips on what outfits will be appropriate and stylish when graduation day arrives.

Preschool and Elementary School Graduation Apparel

Preschool and elementary school graduations are big milestones, and both parents and kids may experience a mix of emotions from elation to pride to bittersweet happiness that the time has gone so fast.

For Parents

Attire for preschool and elementary graduations can be informal in certain settings. Ladies can wear an outfit that is pretty, polished, and put together yet still casual. Options like a casual dress, women's cropped pants and a floral top, denim pants, and a women’s white blouse, or even leggings and stylish tunic tops can be appropriate. For dads, jeans and a polo top or casual button-down shirt will work well.

For Preschool Through Elementary Children

Kids often love to dress up, and preschool and elementary graduation ceremonies or events will likely mean donning spiffier outfits than their everyday play clothes. Young boys may opt for a boys' polo shirt and khaki pants. Girls may want to wear a spring dress, a skirt with a patterned blouse, or dressy pants with a button-up top or sweater set.

Middle School Graduation Apparel Guide

It’s going to be a light at the end of the tunnel on graduation day in middle school for parents and kids alike. Get ready to greet the big day with the right attire.

For Middle School Kids

The specific requirements for graduation attire may be up to the school district or system, so heed those. If the kids wish to dress up for graduation, a V-neck T-shirt and dark-washed denim pants would be a great option. Girls might prefer short- or long-sleeved dresses, blouse and skirt combos, or perhaps they want to wear a classy pair of capri pants with a print top. For boys, khaki pants with a long-sleeve button-up and tie or a checkered or solid short-sleeve button-up will fit the bill.

For Middle School Parents

Parents may want to opt for styles that are a bit dressier than ceremonies for younger kids, but not wear overly formal clothing. A midi skirt and blouse, casual patterned dresses, trousers with dress pants, and blouses or dressy jumpsuits will all work beautifully for mom. Dad may go for a look like a polo top with khaki pants and a sport coat, shirt and tie, or button-down shirt with trousers.

High School Graduation Ceremony Outfits

High school graduation may depend on if the occasion is formal or casual. Dressier apparel is often appropriate for more formal high school ceremonies, banquets, and other events while casual wear is great for informal dress codes. Along with the actual diploma, it is likely that awards will be presented and multiple speeches will be given.

For High School Students

High school students are typically required to wear a cap and gown that coordinates with their school colors or requirements for graduation, but there may also be guidelines as to what students may wear under the cap and gown. Females, for example, may be required to wear a white or light-colored dress, skirt and blouse, or slacks and top combo. Gentlemen might be required to wear a suit and tie, school uniform top and jacket, or specific color polo shirt and trousers.

For High School Parents

To reflect this momentous occasion, many ladies prefer to wear women's dresses that are slightly more formal, such as sheath styles, or blouse and skirt combos that have a professional or formal feel. Pencil skirts and button-up blouses work well, as well as full as midi-length skirts and dresses. Dad will likely wear a button-up top, dress pants, and tie, and may or may not choose to add a suit jacket or sport coat.

Accessories Count on Graduation Day, Too

Don’t forget the accessories when it comes to shopping for the right outfits for graduation day. Tasteful jewelry, stylish shoes, and even practical essentials like new socks and hosiery are all items you won’t want to forget.

With the right outfits and few special touches, both parents and graduates will look their best for the big moment.


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