A Guide to Pairing A Sheer Top With Other Items in Your Wardrobe

A Guide to Pairing A Sheer Top With Other Items in Your Wardrobe

Pairing a sheer top with other items in your wardrobe is easy when you know how. Pretty, flattering, and surprisingly versatile, sheer tops can go with more items than you might think! Discover how well these gorgeous tops can work with many of your favorite wardrobe items.

Wearing Sheer Tops With Denim

Sheer tops are a unique and perfect partner for almost any type of denim jeans. Whether you prefer high rise jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg denim, or ankle jeans, sheer tops can go with them all. The sheer material has a nice contrast to the heavier weight of denim, so it has a lovely balance that can complement any figure.

Most sheer tops look very dressy when worn with denim, but not stuffy or over the top. This makes them a good look to wear to casual office environments, out for evening dates or with friends, weekend wear, and more. A go-to option to style your sheer shirt with denim is to choose a fitted tank top or cami to wear underneath. For a classy look that makes the most of your top, choose a color that matches or is in a similar hue to your top. If the sheer top has a pattern, choose one of the most prevalent colors in the design for your tank or cami. Pair it with your favorite jeans, tuck it in, add a belt and some great shoes - then you’re ready for anything.

Sheer Tops With Skirts

Sheer tops are also lovely worn with skirts. They are a perfect complement to a pencil skirt, a-line skirt, or even a flared skirt. Along with dressy fabrics, sheer tops can work well with heavier fabrics like denim or corduroy for a more casual appearance. You can wear them with a matching cami or tank underneath, then top them off with a great jacket to complete the look. You can also pair them with complementary tights for a cute layered outfit. Don’t forget to add some jewelry. A pair of earrings or a cute necklace can really round out the style.

Creating Contrast With Sheer Tops

Wearing a matching top underneath your sheer shirt is not the only way to go. In fact, you can create a cool contrast simply by changing up the color of the top you put on underneath. If you have a bold or brightly colored top, for example, wearing a white shirt underneath can create a softer, more muted look for a totally different outfit altogether. Alternatively, pairing a black or darker color underneath can create a rich, bold look that is elegant and sophisticated. A print tank under a solid-color sheet can provide a hint of interest that can still be worn with other prints or patterns, too. The simple trick of changing up the color or print of what you put on underneath can take a sheer top to a new level.

Sheer Tops With Cool Weather Clothing

While sheer tops are absolutely perfect for showing off during the spring and summer months, that doesn’t mean you need to put them away when the temperatures begin to drop. Styling a sheer top with other cool weather items in your closet can let you get more wear out of your pieces while creating a unique look. Try pairing a sheer top over turtlenecks with a pair of women's dress pants, or a sheer top under a women’s cardigan sweater with a mid-length skirt. From cute and casual to perfectly polished, there are numerous ways to wear sheer tops during cooler weather as well.

Styling Sheer Tops for Work

Sheer tops can also work for many work environments. As long as you have a full-coverage piece underneath, you can easily wear these and look appropriate. A high-neck tank or closely fitting tee can do the trick. Pair it with a smart women's blazer, skirt or slacks, and some great work-ready heels or flats for a fabulous look. The flowing look of the blouse is elegant yet smart, so you can’t go wrong.

A Pop of Color Under Dresses

Looking for a way to give your sleeveless dresses and an extra boost of style? Considering partnering your favorite short or long-sleeved sheer tops with various dresses in your closet for a custom look. Just put on the top under your dress and make sure the sleeves lay nicely outside the dress. You may need to smooth, fluff or blouse them out slightly, depending on the style of the top. This instantly adds another light layer and a unique look with a pop of extra color and style.

Taking Your Sheer Tops to the Limit With Your Wardrobe Pieces

Your favorite sheer tops can be more versatile than you’ve ever imagined with a little creativity. From classic denim outfits to smart work outfits and casual layers, you can mix and match sheer shirts with a variety of other pieces to create incredible styles.


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