5 Most Flattering Skirts

5 Most Flattering Skirts

Are you on the hunt to find the most flattering skirt for you? The good news is that there is no one style to choose from … there are many! Updating your wardrobe with a fun new skirt can be exciting, and along the way, you can discover new styles you may not have considered before. Are you in the process of adding new skirts to your collection? We’ve come up with a few flattering styles that you are bound to love.

High-Waisted Flowy Skirts

There’s something quietly elegant about a high-waisted skirt, especially one that is flowy and long. These skirts look great on all body shapes. High-waisted skirts can be found in every length too, with hemlines that go just above or to the knee, to the shin, and down to the ankle. When shopping for a high-waisted skirt, take the time to try on various styles. Comfort is just as important a feature as style when it comes to skirts or any article of clothing, so shop around for something that allows you to move around freely and effortlessly. Plus, a high-waisted skirt that is flowy enough to twirl is something anyone would love.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts make for great office attire and can be utilized to create a contrasting waist, and anyone can pull off a fabulous pencil skirt. When most people think of pencil skirts, they tend to envision a neutral, dark, solid color like black or gray. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to these classic colors alone; plenty of pencil skirts come in fun colors and prints like leopard or checkers. A print pencil skirt paired with a solid colored blouse creates a sleek, professional outfit that also allows you to show off your style.

Midi Skirts

Everyone should have at least one midi skirt in their closet because once you have one, you will want several more. Midi skirts are timeless, always in style, and great for putting together fun and flirty spring or summer outfits. Midi skirts are also great because they can be worn in various environments whether you are working in the office, vacationing in a quaint beach town, or hosting a dinner party in your home. The A-line style of the midi skirt is flattering on all body shapes and is particularly stunning on women with pear-shaped frames. The cut of the midi skirt also has plenty of style options within itself including pleated midi skirts, floral print midi skirts, and pastel-colored midi skirts to name a few.

Maxi Skirts

There are maxi dresses for women and then there are maxi skirts and you’re going to want to make sure you have both in your wardrobe. The maxi skirt is the ultimate summer skirt and is great for every occasion, day or night. It’s the kind of thing you’d want to pack in your suitcase for a beach vacation and it’s something lightweight and flowy enough to wear when you are taking the kids to the park and anticipate having to move around a lot to keep an eye on the little ones.

With many colors, patterns, and prints to choose from, maxi skirts can be a more casual daytime outfit as well as a quite fancy evening outfit. It’s flattering on all body tops and instantly gives any outfit a sophisticated and elegant look. Maxi skirts look great with tank tops, women’s blouses, and camisoles. If you need a second layer, a casual denim jacket provides a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit (and of course, necessary warmth on a breezy evening).

Mini Skirts

Did you think mini skirts had their heyday in the early aughts? Think again! Mini skirts are for everyone! If you want a super casual yet chic skirt to wear, mini skirts are the way to go. Something like denim or linen provides the quintessential daytime look and if you want something more high fashion and suitable for an evening out, play around with more daring materials like faux leather or fun prints like leopard. A mini skirt is an excellent go-to skirt when you want to quickly put together an outfit for the day. Pair it with your favorite women’s cotton shirt and some good walking sneakers and you’re unstoppable!

A Word On Colors and Prints

Finding a flattering skirt cut is just half the battle. Once you find the styles that are right for you, you can begin exploring various colors and prints to choose from. From dark tones to soft pastel colors and checkered prints to floral prints, you’ll have endless fun finding new skirts to add to your wardrobe.


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