Little Ones Not Fans of Fireworks? 4 Family-Friendly Ways to Celebrate July 4

Little Ones Not Fans of Fireworks? 4 Family-Friendly Ways to Celebrate July 4

Independence Day is a wonderful time when we get to celebrate our nation’s birth and national heritage. And though fireworks are a traditional part of the celebration, they may not be practical for all families. Young babies and children have early bedtimes and can also get scared from late-night fireworks. Dogs and other animals of all ages can get scared and agitated with the unexpected arrival of intermittent fireworks.

For these reasons and more, some families need to find a firework-free place to celebrate July 4th. This may involve staying at a place away from your home for a night, but there are plenty of options to make sure that you and your loved ones stay clear of triggering noises that can interrupt a peaceful evening. Here are four family-friendly ways to celebrate July 4th.

1. Escape the Fireworks

While looking for fireworks is usually among the top questions around July 4th, many families are also looking for ways to escape fireworks. The best way to avoid fireworks is to find out what areas in your hometown are holding celebrations, then steer clear of them. Community websites like or neighborhood Facebook groups are full of information in which residents can tell you which areas are typically quieter.

When you know where the fireworks are happening, you can choose how to avoid them. Unfortunately, there are some neighbors who will set off fireworks in your street at odd hours, which can be problematic. To make sure your evening goes peacefully, discuss firework arrangements with your neighbors and be on the same page about when fireworks should start and end. Anything that lasts after your community’s noise ordinances is illegal and shouldn’t occur, especially if you live in an HOA.

2. Find Places Where the Fireworks Aren’t Happening and Book a Hotel

Overall, your best bet to escape fireworks is to find out where the official celebrations are happening and go somewhere for the night that is as far away from them as possible. For instance, if the main celebration is happening at a park downtown, try to find an Airbnb or hotel on the outskirts of your city. Bring gear for a fun time, such as swimsuits and men’s board shorts, so your family can enjoy a day at the hotel pool or local beach. By turning this holiday into a staycation, you can have a wonderful time relaxing without worrying about fireworks. Don’t forget any toys and sporting items to pass the time. They fit just right in a few beach totes, so you can retrieve them and pack them away easily.

If you want to be sure not to encounter any July 4th fireworks, take the family out of the country or to a state where fireworks are illegal. In the United States, Massachusetts is the only state where personal fireworks are illegal. If you go there for a short trip, it will be easier to find a rental house or hotel away from all the noise. Also, a trip to a neighboring country isn’t as expensive as going overseas, and it can give you some relief from this American holiday.

3. For Pets: Try a Free-Range Kennel or Pet-Friendly Lodging

If you are a dog or cat parent and you know that the fireworks will trigger your pets, then consider putting your furry friend in a kennel. This will allow them to relax and enjoy the evening as you enjoy yours. It doesn’t take long after a Google search to find plenty of places to keep your pets for the night. Many certified dog and cat sitters can board your pet for a reasonable fee at their home. Before you make an arrangement, ask them specifically what level of July 4th noises typically happen around their business. Therefore, you can make sure your pet is in good hands and will not be triggered at a different location.

If your whole family doesn’t want to hear fireworks, go to a pet-friendly hotel for the night or rent an Airbnb in a secluded area that’s near a dog park with plenty of walking trails. You can spend the day away from it all and bask in the peace and quiet of a fireworks-free night.

4. Extra Precautions: Ear Plugs and White Noise

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid even ambient firework noises. In this case, your pets and kids can benefit from a white noise machine or some soft music playing in the background. Get some cozy comforters and throw pillows to your make bedrooms a restful space. People who can use earplugs should wear them just in case there’s some intermittent celebrating during the night that goes outside regulation hours. This is typically a difficult night to fully control, but when you take charge of your own space and make the best of it.

By making local arrangements or turning the holiday into a daycation, you can make a fun fireworks-free holiday for your family on Independence Day.


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