Everything You Need to Pack for a Picnic in the Park

Everything You Need to Pack for a Picnic in the Park

The meteorologist predicted a perfect sunny day. It’s time for a picnic in the park! Whether you plan on picnicking alone, with family, or with friends, the time spent outdoors will be worth it if you pack the right items. For the most rewarding experience, consider packing more than just food. But don’t worry: we’ll cover all the yummy treats you should remember to pack. Keep reading for our must-haves for your next picnic in the park.

Yummy Food and Drinks

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper picnic without delicious food and drinks. You could make sandwiches and bake cookies. However, you could also grab your canvas tote bag and head to your local farmers’ market beforehand and stock up on fruits, vegetables, baked goods, nuts, and so much more. Alternatively, you could visit the grocery store and purchase pre-cooked meals, chips, sweets, granola bars, trail mix, and whatever else you think you might need. As for the drinks, you’ll want plenty of water to remain hydrated while under the sun. However, pack plenty of other types of beverages to provide choices, such as sweet tea, soda, fruit punch, and our favorite, wine!

A Picnic Blanket

Some parks might have tables. However, you could also sit on top of a blanket on the ground instead. What you use doesn’t matter—an old throw or comforter will do. Just make sure whatever you use is big enough for all the items you’ll have. If your party is huge, you might need multiple blankets.

Utensils, Glasses, and Plates

You could use disposable utensils, cups, and plates. However, for a more sustainable experience, feel free to use reusable items. You could even consider your best china or silver if you are in the mood to be fancy. Once you arrive, pick out a spot and set up your place settings. Additionally, don’t forget to pack napkins, wipes, and hand sanitizer to keep your hands as clean as possible.

Trash Bags

Most public parks have trash cans. But it’s common for many of the trash cans to be at capacity. Just in case, pack a few trash bags to keep from adding on to a high pile. Additionally, you’ll want to pack another bag for dirty dishes.

Additional Items for Food and Drinks

Not having the right accessories can ruin your picnic. For example, if you plan on popping open a bottle of wine or beer, you’ll need a corkscrew or bottle opener. Also, to keep your food and drinks cool, use ice packs and a thermos. You might also need a cutting board and a knife for your fruit, vegetables, and other food. Finally, find a sturdy picnic basket, cooler, or backpack to hold everything. Note that you might need multiple bags if you plan to carry a lot of food and drinks.


Outside of good conversation, you’ll more than likely want entertainment. Get the picnic party started with music. If picnicking with a partner, perhaps pack flowers to create a romantic scene and play classical music. Have games ready to play, such as a pack of cards, checkers, and more. Also, you could pack a frisbee or a ball for a more active way to have fun. If you’re allowing your family dog to tag along, they’ll enjoy being able to play catch and perhaps meet new furry friends. While the little ones are having a good time playing on the playscape, you could kick back and catch up on the book you’re reading.

There’s so much you can pack to ensure your picnic is a wonderful experience. In addition to items to bring along, make sure you’re dressed to match your destination too. A summer dress is a stylish option for your next outing. Pick out the best pattern or shade that matches your mood. Comfortable fabric, such as cotton or linen, will keep you cool as you enjoy relaxing in the sun. Instead of a dress, you could match a flowy blouse with a skirt. Don’t think you have to get all dressed up. You could opt for more casual clothes, such as a tank top, graphic T-shirt, leggings, shorts, and anything else that’ll allow you to be as comfortable as possible. Match your outfit with the shoes of your choice, such as comfy sneakers, sandals, or flats. Finally, style your ensemble with a hat that can help protect you from harmful rays and jewelry to elevate your look.

Picnics in the park are a great time to spend time with your family and friends, or even alone when the weather is nice enough. You could also adapt our list if you prefer to picnic on a beach. Just remember to have a swimsuit handy for enjoying the water! No matter which route you choose, take photos to remember the day. Get up and stretch your legs after enjoying your meal. And keep in mind our suggested items for your next picnic too!


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