Everything You Need to Know About Mastectomy Swimsuits

Everything You Need to Know About Mastectomy Swimsuits

At Lands’ End we understand that for some women, swimsuit shopping isn’t always as straightforward as deciding between a two-piece and a one-piece bathing suit. In fact, after breast cancer surgery, your priorities lie more in finding a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and confident in and out of the water. Lands’ End doesn’t believe in sacrificing comfort for style. That’s why we’ve made it our business to bring you a variety of stylish and supportive mastectomy swimsuits designed with your new body in mind. Read on to see which mastectomy swimsuit meets – and exceeds – your needs for an active summer.

What is a mastectomy swimsuit?

Simply put, mastectomy swimsuits are bathing suits specifically designed for women who have had breast surgery. They sometimes include sewn-in breast pockets for prostheses as well as altered features like higher necklines and armholes to help women feel more confident and offer more support where she needs it.

How is a mastectomy swimsuit different from a regular swimsuit?

Mastectomy swimsuits take the aftermath of surgery into consideration. Higher necklines and armholes are featured to help hide scars and offer modest coverage for those wanting it but also offer the bonus of additional sun protection from those harmful UV rays. Some mastectomy suits also offer soft-cup bra support to help smooth and offer light support while also providing side bra pockets to accommodate swim prostheses.

What are prosthesis pockets?

Essentially, prosthesis pockets are secret compartments sewn into the inner lining of the swimsuit bust. They’re meant to keep prosthetics in place while you swim while the soft-cup bra inserts are there to additionally help smooth. Though included in all of our mastectomy swimsuits, if you choose not to use prostheses our suits are designed to offer you a flattering look no matter what.

What are the advantages of adjustable straps in a mastectomy swimsuit?

We find that some women prefer the control of adjustable straps in suits that are a bit less form fitting. Adjustable straps are a common feature amongst our mastectomy two-piece tankini tops and offer you the freedom to customize the fit according to personal preference. One advantage to adjustable straps is the ability to raise or lower the neckline to that exact spot where you’re most comfortable. Other suits, like our Women’s Mastectomy Tugless Sporty One-piece, are made with Lycra Xtra Life Spandex designed specifically to stay in place and therefore don’t need adjustable straps but still offer the modest coverage of a higher neckline and armholes.

Do mastectomy swimsuits offer support for other parts of my body as well?

Yes. Just like our regular swimsuits, many of our mastectomy swimsuits come with added support for other parts of your body as well. From tummy control to swim skirts, whatever your needs, you can find a mastectomy swimsuit at landsend.com ready to meet them.

What color mastectomy swimsuit is most flattering?

Any color you like best! Just because your body is different doesn’t mean your love of color has to fade away. If you like wearing vibrant swimsuits full of color and pattern then go for it. Our mastectomy swimsuits offered at landsend.com come in a variety of colors and styles meant to flatter every form. And if classic black is your preferred swimsuit we have that too. Bottom line, wear what you love and there’s no way you won’t look good.

What type of mastectomy swimsuit is best for active swimming?

With minimum strain on joints, swimming is a great way to exercise all of your major muscle groups and ease into a more active lifestyle after having breast surgery. Of course not all swimsuits are created equally and, when it comes to exercise, you’ll want a swimsuit capable of keeping up with you. Look for a mastectomy swimsuit that stays in place and offers superior stretch and recovery like our Women’s Mastectomy Tugless Sporty One Piece. You’ll also want a suit made to survive excessive wear in the pool so look for one designed to resist breakdown from chlorine, sunscreen and UV rays.

Which mastectomy swimsuit is best for lounging on the beach?

Our mastectomy tankini tops are a great option for beach wear. Not only are they designed with the same modest coverage in mind by way of higher necklines and armholes but you also have the freedom to mix and match the tops to bottoms. Now finding an ideal swimsuit made for your unique tastes has never been easier.

At Lands’ End we know that life can get complicated, which is exactly why dressing for life shouldn’t be. Don’t spend precious moments stressing over what mastectomy swimsuit to buy. Shop Lands’ End today for all of your mastectomy swimwear needs.


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