Every Hat You'll Need for Spring

Every Hat You'll Need for Spring

No matter what climate you live in, spring weather is unpredictable. Whether you live in the arid Southwest or the humid Subtropical Southeast, the wild Pacific Northwest, or the Midwest, it can be difficult to know what the weather might be like day-to-day or even hour-to-hour this time of year.

Knowing what to wear to stay warm, cool, or dry is essential to enjoying the outdoors this time of year. Whether the goal is to keep the sun and/or the rain off of your face, keep your head warm, or just be stylish and ready for anything, the right hat can make or break your springtime adventures.

The Bucket Hat

Bucket hats might seem like a complex look to pull off well, but with the right attitude and the right accessories, you can have fun in the sun while looking stylish in this hat. A bucket hat is breathable and packable, making it a great option for the beach. It looks great paired with a bikini swimsuit or a sundress. For an edgy look, wear your bucket hat with short shorts and a pair of combat boots or Chelsea boots.

The Straw Hat

A straw hat is a classic option and great for outdoor spring activities. Wear your straw hat to an outdoor picnic or to the beach to keep the sun off of your face (and potentially neck and shoulders as well, depending on the brim). A straw hat is a great springtime companion for a light and breezy romper. You could also wear your straw hat with a maxi skirt and flowy linen blouse. Many straw hats also come with a ribbon or tie so that the wearer can secure the hat under the chin or behind the head. You never know when it might get breezy or windy out of nowhere this time of year.

The Baseball Cap

Another timeless springtime classic is the baseball cap. It is practical and cute, and of course, we know that any baseball cap goes great with physical outdoor activities and women’s activewear . You can also make this sporty accessory fun and feminine. Wear a slim-fitting or A-line dress and dress it down for daywear by sporting a baseball cap and sneakers with it. You can wear with your hair down, wavy, or curled for extra feminine flair, or keep it up tucked through the back of the cap in a ponytail or braid. You'll be fun and flirty and ready for any springtime adventure.

The Visor

A visor is a great option for protecting your face from the sun’s harsh rays without getting the dreaded “hat-head” look from squishing your locks down with a full hat. A sports visor is usually worn strapped under the hair, with hair worn up high in a bun, pony, or braid. Visors can also be made of packable straw and can have various widths for their brims. These styles can be worn with virtually any style without interfering with the look of your locks.

The Packable Wide-Brimmed Hat

A packable wide-brimmed hat is another favorite for springtime activities such as a beach trip. The packability of this hat also makes it a favorite because it can be taken anywhere, even when you do not think you will need a hat. As mentioned earlier, springtime weather can be truly unpredictable so why not throw a packable wide-brimmed hat in your canvas tote for all of your springtime activities? This way, when someone asks if you would like to sit outside for lunch because it turns out the weather is so much warmer than predicted today, you will be ready to soak up the warmth without all those harmful UV rays directly on your face.

The Beanie

While not the first hat one usually thinks of when considering springtime outfits, a cute, slouchy, cottony beanie is a great option to have on hand for springtime. Wear this hat on those cooler spring days and keep at the ready for that second wave of cool weather in late spring. Wear it with a cotton dress for a casual cute look that will keep you just the right temperature.

The Panama Hat

Nothing says fun in the sun like a Panama hat. Not to be confused with its close cousin, the Fedora, a Panama hat is made for sunny picnics, outdoor barbecues, and long walks at the park or on the beach. Panama hats are made of tightly woven straw, making them an ideal option for keeping the sun off of your face while keeping your head cool. It is the go-to hat of the spring and summer for its ability to keep you cool.

No matter which hats you choose to wear this spring, do not forget the sunscreen and do not forget to have springtime fun.


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