Celebrate Your Curves: Figure Flattering Swimwear for Plus Size Women

Celebrate Your Curves: Figure Flattering Swimwear for Plus Size Women

Summer’s on the horizon, so it’s time to stock your closet with figure-flattering swimsuits for the season ahead. From classic styles and retro inspirations to modern trends and dramatic looks, there is a perfect choice for every woman.

Versatile Plus Size Tankini Swim Suits

Plus size tankini swimsuits are all the rage and for good reason. These ultra-versatile styles can be mixed and matched with ease. Wear a patterned tankini top with a cute swim skirt one day, and a solid tankini top with a high-waisted swim bottom the next. These offer all the coverage of plus size one-piece swimsuits, but with lots of style options and the ability to mix and match that makes them loved by women everywhere. Tricks for getting the most out of your tankini swimwear include:

Stay Protected From the Sun

Other great options in plus size figure-flattering swimwear are active and sun-protective pieces that help you stay on the go and keep your skin safe. Look for plus size sun protection swimwear that will wick away moisture, be comfortable enough to move with you, and resist damage from the sun, chlorine, and more. Pieces to consider in this category include:

  • Short and mid-length active or plus size swim shorts for women
  • Lightweight activewear swim skirts with built-in shorts or swim panties
  • Short- or long-sleeve rash guard tops
  • Tankini tops with high-necklines
  • Swim skirts with leggings
  • Mock-neck swim tops

Sweet and Sassy Swim Dresses That Fit and Flatter

Swim dresses are a classic, but today they come in all sorts of options. From a timeless black LBD swim dress to contemporary abstract patterns and bright colors, the choices are many. When choosing a swim dress for the most flattering look, be sure to consider the length, the specific cut (A-line, straight, flowy, sporty, and so on), strap thickness and design, and neckline to make the best choice. There are lots of appealing features that flatter different body types, from thicker straps that help support the bust to A-line swim skirts. Look for the individual features that meet your specific needs for a cute and comfortable swim dress that keeps you stylish all season.

Stripes, Dots, and Prints That Make a Splash All Season

Summer is all about having fun, and the many plus size figure-flattering bathing suits that incorporate cool designs and fun patterns make it easy to find that fun, flattering swimwear that never lets you down. Try on an all-over striped swimsuit, a mixed floral and polka-dot print, a solid-colored one-piece with an accent print, or a contemporary geometric pattern or ombre look that has foolproof appeal.

Beautiful Bikinis Have Never Been Better

The bikini is a beach classic, and whether you're on vacation, soaking up the rays at a favorite beach, or splashing around at the local pool, this swimsuit style is guaranteed to look fabulous. Plus size styles are made with lots of choices, so you can find what is a flattering design for you. Underwire bikini tops will help provide support, while high-waisted designs and swim skirts give you options in bikini bottoms that fit your individual body type.

Breezy Blousons and Drapey Suits Take Center Stage

Another way you can achieve an effortless style this summer is with an attractive blouson-style or A-line drape swimsuit. These looser cuts have a relaxed feel that fits summer’s laid-back vibe perfectly. They’re comfortable while still being elegant, and keep you cool whether you're collecting shells or swimming in the waves.

Find Flawless, Cute Cover-Ups for Summer, Too

Swimwear is a summer essential, but plus-size cover-up dresses are important, too. Find versions ranging from cute and sporty to long and elegant. Options like slightly sheer fabrics are sleek and sophisticated, while sporty zip-up versions and cozy terry dresses keep you covered while staying active and warding off any post-swim chills.

Be Confident in the Best Stylish Swimwear

No matter where your summer is destined to take you, you can find incredible looks ranging from classic styles to trendy takes on tankinis. Plus size swimwear options have the sizes, styles, and looks you crave for the perfect summer look.


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