Does the UPF 50 sun protection work when my swim tee or swim cover-up tunic gets wet?

Does the UPF 50 sun protection work when my swim tee or swim cover-up tunic gets wet?

Avoiding sunburns is incredibly important – just one burn can increase your risk of skin cancer later in life. To keep you safe, our swim cover-up dresses are made with high-tech fabric that blocks harmful rays. However, certain things can reduce its effectiveness, so make sure you know how to have fun in the sun without getting fried.

Our swim tees are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant. Swim cover-up dresses are designed with the same material and boast a UPF 50 rating – the highest you can get. Only 1/50th of harmful UV radiation can pass through the cutting-edge fabric, to help your skin stay healthy and youthful even on bright, beautiful days. However, we still recommend wearing sunscreen on exposed areas, and underneath your suit; you can also add an oversized hat to shield your face, neck and décolletage.

Your swim dress may not perform as well under certain circumstances. If it's stretched out of shape or washed many times, it will lose some of its sun-stopping power. Getting your swim dress soaked may have the same effect, too, so consider bringing a beach umbrella along for extra shade, or tossing on a cover-up when you come out of the water.

Simply by covering more skin, our swim cover-up tunic dresses offer better sun protection. You can take things a step further by wearing swim capris with your swim dress. They have the same UPF 50 sun protection and work in the water and out.

Dark colors also do a better job of guarding your skin than light ones when your swim dress is damp or wet. If you're concerned, avoid pale shades like pink, white and baby blue. Instead choose something in black, navy, red or a fetching dusky print that matches your favorite sandals.

All of our regular and plus-size bathing suits should be treated gently to preserve their UPF rating. Immediately rinse your suit in running water. This removes things like sand, salt and chlorine, which can break down the fabric used in our swim wear.

Look at the care instructions on your swim cover up dress when it needs cleaning. Some styles can be put in the machine, but others require hand washing in a sink filled with cool water and a little baby shampoo or a capful of gentle, bleach-free detergent. You can even add a splash of vinegar to remove odors and make everything extra fresh.

When you're done, gently squeeze the water from your swim dress, but don't wring or twist it. Never put it in the dryer; instead, lay it flat to air dry away from direct heat and light, which can fade its bright colors. Don't place it on a hanger either, or it may lose its shape.

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