Do I Need Outerwear During Summer Months?

Do I Need Outerwear During Summer Months?

Outerwear and warm weather don’t necessarily go together, but when you’re wearing your favorite lightweight fabrics all day, having the right outerwear for breezy evenings or summer storms doesn’t seem so farfetched. Spring and summer jackets are a summer essential. Though we’re all so happy to throw our winter coats into the back of the closet to blissfully forget about cold weather, having the right outerwear for summer months will make sure you’re prepared for any kind of weather or temperatures. Even if you’re planning for a steamy beach holiday, those sunsets on the beach can get a little chilly. There is also the all-pervasive blasting of the AC in most indoor spaces. While it may seem silly, sometimes outerwear is best worn indoors during the summer months to protect you from freezing. So, do you need outerwear during the warm summer months? While you’d be fine without it, here are all the summer-perfect outerwear pieces you’d be missing out on.

The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a summer closet staple. Timeless, flawless, and effortless, they are one of the most practical and versatile pieces for summer. Perfect for slipping on over your sleeveless summer dress or lightweight cotton tee when stepping into an air-conditioned place or for when the sun goes down, and you’re still enjoying the outdoors. The denim jacket is also a timeless fashion statement. Seemingly en vogue since we can remember, the denim jacket isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Matching just about anything and lightweight enough to carry around, the denim jacket is the perfect piece of summer outerwear you didn’t even know you needed.

Rain Coat

Even with all that hot sunshine and balmy weather, summer storms do come around sometimes. From gentle drizzles to full-blown thunderstorms, your summer wardrobe should have the outerwear that keeps you dry in the summer rain. The perfect summer raincoat is lightweight enough to carry around and wear without overheating—no need for thick insulation. Instead, choose a summer raincoat that is breathable and waterproof, so it keeps you dry and cool. The best raincoats for summer will have you comfortable, cool, and dry, even when those big summer storms hit.

Linen Jacket

Linen is the perfect summer fabric. It is not only lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, but it’s also chic and luxurious. Perfect for an evening out or an occasion when you need to look a little more suave, slipping on a linen jacket over your summer dress is quite simply the perfect summer look. Linen is both warm and breathable, making it the ideal fabric for keeping you cozy during cooler evenings while also ensuring you don’t overheat or sweat. Linen brings to mind suave summers in Europe and offers a sophisticated yet laid-back flair to anything you’re wearing. Not simply practical, the linen jacket is a must-have summer fashion piece, too.


If you’re headed to the coast for some beach time or to the mountains for hiking or camping, a windbreaker is key. Windbreakers are often light and easy-to-wear pieces of outerwear that can be water-resistant and also brace you from the chilling wind. Especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer, the windbreaker is staple outerwear for those windy beach days or gusty mountaintops.

Leather Jacket

While classically worn for the fall and spring months, leather can still appear during the summer. Leather jackets are one of those timeless pieces that every closet needs. Adding a special cool dimension to any outfit, a leather jacket is a piece you can always rely on. Perfect for wearing in air-conditioned spaces and for cooler summer nights out. You’ll always make a statement with a leather jacket.

Cotton Sweater

While your wool knits should be tucked away for the summer months, keeping some cotton knits on hand is key for summer. Women’s cotton sweaters are a top pick for the summer months. While not technically outerwear, cotton and other lightweight sweaters make the perfect layer for summer evenings and cool, rainy days. Style with a comfortable pair of jeans or a summer skirt for an easy day-to-day look.

Dusters and Kimonos

While also not technically outerwear, these stylish pieces can certainly be worn as such. Kimonos and dusters are all the rage and are effortless and comfortable to wear. It’s no wonder these pieces are so stylish: they’re gorgeous, comfortable, chic, and perfect for summer. Style them in just about any way imaginable for the perfect throw-over for those cooler summer days or evenings out. Go for a boho-chic look and choose a duster with a floral print and pattern. Or opt for something sleek and classy with a thigh-length silky kimono you can cinch at the waist. Wear over swimsuits, jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, and just about anything else for a flawless summer look.

Don’t ditch the outerwear just yet. Though we’re used to basking in soaring temperatures and searing sunshine all summer, don’t forget about summer storms, breezy evenings, and freezing air conditioner. Put away your heavy winter knits and outerwear and bring out the lightweight and fashionable outerwear that’s perfect for all your summer needs.


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