Duck Boots

Do duck boots fly south for winter?

An in-depth analysis on the origin – and migration patterns – of the men’s duck boot.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase "duck boots," you’ve probably asked at least one of these questions.

  1. Ducks wear boots?
  2. Are duck boots related to duck tape?

As you can see, there’s a lot of uncertainty around this subject. You might say confusion flocks to it. (See what we did there?) But, lucky for you, today we’re answering all of your most burning duck boot questions. So, as they say, "Quit flapping, and start listening."

First, duck boots aren’t actually for ducks — nor are they made from ducks.* They were actually invented by a duck hunter in 1911. He noticed his hunting boots weren’t cutting it in the wet marshlands, so he decided to combine the best elements of rubber rain boots with leather hunting boots. And the duck boot was born.

Now, you’ll notice we said “duck,” not “duct.” There’s a very simple reason for this: there’s no such thing as a duct boot. You may be thinking of duck tape, which is really called duct tape. It’s all very confusing, we know. Basically, duct tape is for fixing things. Duck boots are for your feet. And duct boots aren’t a thing. Ever.**

At this point you’re probably wondering, “When is he going to answer the question?” To which we’ll reply, “What question?”

Oh, right: do duck boots fly south for winter?

Well, since we’ve already established that duck boots aren’t worn by ducks or made from ducks or made by ducks,✝ you can probably guess. Duck boots aren’t migratory. Although, we do sell lined duck boots that are perfect for keeping your feet toasty warm in the winter, and our unlined duck boots are great for trudging through the marshes pretty much any time of year.

Or, you know — wearing with your men’s flannel shirt to look good at the coffee shop.

*If you thought this, you may also be pleased to know that cowboy boots aren’t made from male cows. Crazy, we know.

**Unless, of course, you had a pair of duck boots designated specifically for cleaning your ducts. In which case they’d be duct duck boots.

✝We hadn’t actually established that last one, but just in case you were wondering, now you know.

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