Best Comfy Cotton Clothes to Beat the Heat

Best Comfy Cotton Clothes to Beat the Heat

Summer’s sweltery temps mean you want to wear clothing that makes you feel cool and cozy. As a natural material, cotton offers plenty of natural breathability that keeps you feeling cool from the heat waves of summer. When it comes to dressing for comfort, here are a few handy tips to beat the heat with cotton this summer.

Get Ventilation

If you have an active lifestyle, you’ll want clothing that can quickly get rid of sweat and heat build-up. Search for comfy clothes that offer plenty of ventilation. There are many types of ventilated clothing – some have back flaps that vent directly to the outside, others have areas of mesh for added breathability, or even a loose fit can help enhance ventilation. Most ventilated cotton shirts have some form of synthetic material in order to create a mesh barrier. The combination of blended fabrics enables your outfit to wick sweat as you work.

Either way, choose cotton activewear that provides ample ventilation to aid your body in its natural cooling mechanisms. Sweat is designed to cool you off, and if there’s a breeze, then sweat can evaporate quickly, allowing you to feel cozy and cool even on the hottest days.

Go for Tissue Thin

One of the fabulous features of cotton is its ability to be thin, yet durable. Opt for tissue-thin cotton fabrics that keep you shaded. For example, some tunic tops are so thin, they let the breeze through, but still offer shade from the beating sun. However, keep in mind that the thinner the fabric, the more likely the sun’s rays can penetrate the fabric to your skin. Combat this effect by opting for cotton and synthetic blends that offer UPF protection too. UPF refers to the sun protection value of fabric, meaning you don’t need to wear sunscreen because your sun shirt protects you. The result is a light, airy outfit that keeps you covered and cool.

Breathable and Breezy

Cotton offers up one of the most breathable fabrics out there, making it an ideal choice for summer. Cotton sundresses are a huge summer hit thanks to their loose, yet flattering fit. These light and breezy looks allow for plenty of airflow, keeping you cool by letting the breeze pass through. From skirts to loose-fitting tank tops, there are a lot of options for airy cotton looks. Choose a cotton tank top that’s flowy and wear a light bralette underneath to stay covered. The looser fit allows for more airflow, keeping you cool no matter what the weather is like outside. Looser fabrics not only let you move, but they also produce a low-key, relaxed look that screams summer fun. 

Light Colors

One of the easiest ways to beat the heat this summer is to choose light-colored fabrics. For example, a light-colored knee length skirt reflects the sun’s rays instead of soaking it in like its darker counterparts. Search for patterns and prints that have a lot of light and bright colors. You’ll not only celebrate the season, but the light colors actively work to reflect the sun’s heat away from your body. This helps you feel cooler even on the hottest days. Keep your wardrobe light and fresh this season to stay cool and confident.

Flexible and Free

When it comes to the best cotton clothes of summer, you want the most flexible clothing possible. When you’re trying on clothes, make sure you can move freely. The last thing you want while you’re out on a summer walk is to be pulling and picking at your clothing. Your summer wardrobe should be filled with clothes that make you feel as free as the breeze. At the end of the day, it’s all about feeling like you, so choose outfits that best show off your personality and put a smile on your face. 

Stay cool with cotton this summer. Use lightweight, flowy statement pieces to fit into the summer mood. Give an airiness to your look with bright, light colors that bring cheer to the summer season. Your wardrobe should reflect your inner sun goddess and keep you feeling beautiful regardless of the weather conditions. For active days, choose clothing that moves with you, and provides ample ventilation as well as protection from the harsh rays of light. The result is a cool, effortless look you’ll love.


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