9 Comfy Clothes Essentials That Everyone Should Own

9 Comfy Clothes Essentials That Everyone Should Own

Comfy clothes are not just comfortable; they’re stylish too. Even before we spent a whole year at home on the couch, comfortable clothes with relaxed fits and a special laid-back flair were already fashionable. However, comfy clothes are more than just a look; they’re sort of a lifestyle. Dress up your favorite comfy piece with something snazzy, or dress down something formal by adding a comfy piece. Either way, you’ll look both stylish and relaxed. Having some key comfy clothes essentials in your wardrobe is not only important for feeling good, but also looking casual, chic, and put-together. We’ve selected our top choices in comfy clothes that everyone should own.

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized women’s sweaters are something a comfy wardrobe can’t go without. Choose a chunky knit with an interesting cut, such as a scoop neck or batwing sleeves, to also make it interesting. Wear it around the house with your favorite pajama pants or add leggings and some cool cowboy boots when you’re out and about. Don’t underestimate your oversized sweater's ability to give you that comfy feel and stylish look.


Leggings are so comfortable that many women have made wearing them everywhere into an art form. Leggings seem to be perennially in style, which is great for those of us who wouldn’t have it any other way. These soft and stretchy pants often feel like you’re wearing nothing at all on the bottom while giving you the mobility and stretch to comfortably move about as you please. Honestly, these babies are so essential to a comfy clothes closet that we recommend having multiple pairs in different colors, prints, and fabrics so you have the option to wear them everywhere.

Lounge Pants

Who ever thought we’d see the day when lounge pants would become trendy? But between work-from-home life and the wellness movement, athleisure and thus women’s loungewear has become a fashion statement. Lounge pants are no longer those awkward, frumpy sweatpants we had to wear for high school gym class. They have now reached the status of being considered fashionable. In fact, lounge pants aren’t just comfortable, they can to quite flattering and well made, as well. A few good sets of lounge pants are key to anyone’s comfy closet arsenal.


Women’s rights have come a long way since the 1950s, and so has the housedress. No longer symbolic of she who doesn’t leave the house, the modern woman’s housedress is a stylish fashion statement that hasn’t lost its defining feature of being deliciously comfortable. Housedresses also don't need to be limited to being worn around the house, but can also look fabulously stylish when worn out.

In fact, housedresses and cotton dresses are again fashionable, given that we’ve spent so much time at home. With housedresses available in so many different cuts, styles, prints, and fabrics, every woman is sure to find one that suits her personal style. Wear it out under a blazer with some boots to make it a little dressier. These comfy dresses will have you feeling beautiful and regal, even if you’re simply lounging around at home.

Cotton Basics

Nothing feels as comfortable as cotton against your skin. Having a healthy set of cotton basics is essential to your comfy clothes wardrobe. Cotton basics include cotton T-shirts, tank tops, undergarments, and long-sleeve shirts. The nice thing about cotton basics is you can wear them in a way that will elevate them from “basic.” Wear a slouchy white cotton T-shirt with your favorite high-waisted jeans and heeled sandals to look and feel comfy chic.

Cashmere Anything

When in doubt, there’s always cashmere. Because of its luscious and luxurious feel, cashmere is always a go-to comfy clothes essential. Whether you’re wearing a cashmere sweater, a cashmere sweater dress, or cashmere pants, anything made from this delicious natural fiber is going to feel heavenly. Cashmere is always quite chic looking, making it a great item to wear if you want to feel comfy yet look a little more sophisticated. Especially in the winter months, cashmere anything is going to be the comfy clothing essential that gets you through the season.

Robes & Kimonos

Given that loungewear has become so stylish, it’s no wonder that robes and kimonos have taken over as fashionable pieces that are not just for comfort. While we love the feel and look of a flannel robe while hanging around the house and drinking a morning coffee, some robes look good when worn out of the house. Kimonos are a traditional Japanese-style robe that have become amazingly stylish in the last years and are always street fashion appropriate. Choose robes and kimonos made from fabrics like silk, cashmere, and linen for a dressier feel. Robes and kimonos with interesting prints, colors, and designs will turn these traditionally house wear pieces into statement pieces.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are lovely boho-chic items that are both comfortable and stylish. Whether you're hanging around the house, outdoors, or out and about, maxi skirts are one of those ultimate comfy chic pieces that are essential for a comfy clothes closet. Even if you think maxi skirts aren’t really your style, you’d probably be surprised at how many styles, designs, prints, and colors these lovely garments come in. You are certain to find a maxi skirt that fits your personal style while keeping you feeling comfortable and fashionable.

Boyfriend Jeans

While jeans aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of comfy clothes, the truth is that comfortable women's jeans do indeed exist! When we think of comfy jeans, we can’t help but think about boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are designed like men’s jeans but cut to fit and flatter a woman’s body. These jeans are typically made from all cotton and comfortably hug your body without squeezing it. Luckily, boyfriend jeans have also become totally trendy in recent years. Easy to style or lounge around the house in, a pair of boyfriend jeans belong in every comfy clothes closet.

Update your comfy clothes closet with at least some of these comfy essentials so you can feel comfortable while looking fabulous.


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