Comfortable Passover Outfits

Comfortable Passover Outfits

It’s time for matzoh, brisket, and a pair of really comfy pants for women. For Jewish households around the world, spring brings with it the celebration of Passover. The traditional holiday that celebrates the Jews’ freedom from slavery in Ancient Egypt, Passover is meant to bring families together to share a meal and reflect on what makes this night different from any other night. The Seder is a traditional meal composed of small, symbolic elements representing the Jews’ slavery and Exodus from Egypt, and is usually followed by a more substantial meal for everyone to enjoy. It’s important to prepare for Passover the way you would for any holiday—dress formally, but comfortably.

Of course, everyone’s Seder has a different level of formality. In fact, the Haggadah, the text recited during the Seder, specifies that one should eat in a reclining position, to celebrate their freedom from slavery, and declare that every Jew is a king in their own home. While not taken quite so literally anymore, we still like to celebrate this emphasis on comfort when getting dressed for a Seder, because comfort is king, after all. Here are our suggestions for the absolute most comfortable Passover outfits for the spring holiday.

Stretch Pants

The great thing about Passover is that most of it is spent sitting down. While you want to look good from head to toe, the emphasis should not be on that fabulous pair of jeans or your pencil skirt. No one will really be looking at what you’re wearing below the waist area. That said, there are plenty of stretchy and stylish pants to wear to stay comfortable during a big meal of brisket and matzoh ball soup. But in general, don’t worry about what’s on the bottom. Do, however, wear a women's dress shirt or a chic button-down on top, since that’s what will really be on display. Also be sure to accessorize from the waist up, with a pendant necklace or a pair of fun earrings.

The Romper

The romper is the perfect outfit for holidays, family gatherings, or any event where you’ll be sitting and eating for hours. By its very nature, it lacks the kind of waistline that can potentially start to pinch after a heavy meal, so it’s a safe bet for a holiday like Passover. It strikes the perfect balance of casual and formal, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on how fancy you want to get. Wear a t-shirt, button-down shirt or turtleneck tank top underneath if you'd like to make it more modest. We also suggest pairing it with a pair of heeled sandals or boots to dress it up, or stay low in sneakers or flats for a more casual look.

The Long Cardigan

Spring temperatures can be tricky, and grandma’s house can be drafty, so we always recommend bringing along a women's cardigan to wear over your outfit, or as part of it. We like the long cardigan for family holidays for the extra cozy, and more formal comfort it brings, along with its air of modesty. It basically feels like wrapping yourself in a big blanket with buttons, and we love it for that.

The Spring Dress

We find ourselves wearing dresses all the time in the spring, so why not wear one to your Passover Seder? They automatically up your outfit game, and provide a bit of formality to your look. Most dresses are easy to adapt to anything from a family holiday to a day in the park, so choose your most comfortable one and pair it with some formal accessories, like a pair of gold hoop earrings and some strappy sandals. Some Seder-goers might be more into a bright, flower-printed dress, while others might prefer more muted colors for an event like this. Whether you go longer or shorter, A-line or flowy, you can’t go wrong for Passover with a spring dress.

Palazzo Pants

The most forgiving pants on the planet, perhaps. Their abundance of legroom and soft fabric makes them the perfect spring holiday feast look. These pants tend to also add a bit of formality to your look, and basically feel like wearing a skirt, with a bit more comfort for those who prefer to wear pants. These pants will be looked at, so choose a fun, bright color to bring some cheer to the celebration.

These are some creative ways to stay comfortable during Passover, and make sure you’re able to enjoy all the meat, potatoes, and gefilte fish (okay, maybe not that last one) you desire at your Seder. These comfortable options are also great for hiding the afikomen in those hard-to-reach places for the children to find after the meal. Check out the posts below for more inspiration from Lands’ End!


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