Clothing Gifts the Birthday Girl Will Actually Love

Clothing Gifts the Birthday Girl Will Actually Love

Giving someone clothing for a birthday gift can be nerve-wracking. Sure, most women love clothing, but most women are also very particular about what they wear. So, while she will love the idea of clothing, there is always a chance it may not fit her unique style. Unless, of course, you find the perfect piece of clothing—something that is guaranteed to make her happy.

We’re here to help! Here are some clothes that we know she’ll love.

Comfy-Yet-Cute Pajamas for a Laid-Back Movie Night

A woman can never have too many stylish and comfortable pajamas sets. Sometimes she just wants to trade old boxers and a ripped-up tee shirt for a more streamlined look. Cute comfy pajamas are guaranteed to be a hit. After all, she can switch to her pajama set right when the workday is done and even start cooking dinner and overseeing homework in an adorable nightgown. If the pajamas look more like clothes, she could simply throw on a blazer for the next day’s early morning video conference.

Pajamas are a great birthday gift for your girlfriend, your wife, your sister, your daughters, or even your mother-in-law. While younger girls and teenagers appreciate something warm and cozy, adult women often like something a little more sophisticated. Think about the birthday girl and consider what she will like best, then pick some fun pajamas for her to enjoy. Pair the pajamas with slippers and a robe for a relaxation trifecta!

A Stylish Pool Cover-Up

Old t-shirts and shorts just don’t cut it at a pool or beach party. If the birthday girl is someone who loves the beach, pool, or lake, then a high-quality swimsuit cover-up is sure to make her smile. Look for something colorful and fun that shows off her personality.

There are so many styles of cover-ups: tunics, kaftans, terry-cloth dresses—and some are made with built-in SPF, which she’ll appreciate! With so many options, you are sure to find something the birthday girl will adore.

Hint: Before you buy one, think of what she currently wears as a swimsuit cover-up, then look for something similar.

A Flattering Coat for An Important Meeting or Night Out

Nice coats are a big investment. We get it. Why not surprise her with a dress coat that will make her look sleek and polished when she is in a mood to dress up? She'll love a women’s wool coat with a flattering fit and unique look.

Bonus: Wool coats come in a plethora of colors and styles, so you will be sure to find something great for your birthday girl. Belted, long, short, peacoats—there is something for every person and style. With this unexpected gift, we promise you she will be surprised and delighted.

Anything Monogrammed!

Adding a personal touch to any clothing gift pretty much guarantees she will love it—whether it’s for a mom, wife, girlfriend, or daughter. Her name, her initials, your initials plus her initials—there are a lot of fun options. We love the idea of monogrammed slippers, which is a cute, comfortable, and always-appreciated gift for both children and adults. Plus, she will know you spent time thinking about her gift.

She can show off her slippers on a girls’ weekend away, or at a slumber party with friends, or when she’s just relaxing after work or school. Slippers are one of the “safest” gifts ever because pretty much everyone loves them. Other fun ideas for personalized birthday gifts include monogrammed blankets, hand towels (for a newlywed friend), or even a monogrammed blanket, which she can snuggle up with on the couch or in front of the fire.

Fancy Winter Gloves She Can Wear Anywhere

Every girl needs a gorgeous pair of high-quality women’s winter gloves to wear to the office, for a date night, on the way to a winter wedding, or for a night out with friends. Nice gloves are a true sign of adulthood for most women, particularly for professional women, who are often running from home to the office to meetings around town. Leather, cashmere, wool—the options are endless.

To spice up her birthday gloves, try fashion scarves or a cute girls' hat. Whether her birthday is in winter or summer, she will be sure to think of you when the next burst of cold air hits her hometown. Unlike regular wool gloves that are easily replaceable, a nice pair of high-quality gloves is something she will take very good care of (and cherish) for years.

Move over candles. Step aside coffee gift card. The birthday girl in your life will be sure to adore all of these unique and stylish gifts. Even better? She will think of you when she wears the piece, which is always something special.

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