Monograms That Are Both Clever and Cute

Monograms That Are Both Clever and Cute

Gone are the days when asking “what should I monogram?” means choosing either initials or a name. While a three-letter monogram or a last name monogram, both traditional monograms, can make almost anything into a unique personalized gift for weddings, new babies, graduation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, why not take it up a notch and add some personality to that one-of-a-kind monogrammed gift idea?

If you want to stick with a traditional monogram, use one to three initials or the last name. If choosing a traditional monogram, shop for items that are timeless with a classic American heritage style to compliment a more traditional monogram.

Personalized Apparel for All

The Land’s End men’s no iron shirt with a three initial (first, middle, last) monogram on the chest or the cuff of the sleeve will be a go-to item for anyone looking for an easy-to-care-for, always-looks-good shirt. Polo shirts for men, women and kids also are a great option for traditional monogramming and classic styling. Keep in mind that even traditional garments can have creative monogram ideas like “hi there” or “hello.”

Another way to personalize a polo shirt is with a cute or funny monogram ideas. A kid’s polo shirt monogrammed with #choresdone and an embroidery of their favorite activity like soccer or surf boarding is a sure indicator it is time for fun! Big Kids ready for fun and relaxation (adults) might prefer #teetime and a golf embroidery or #rXtime and a camping embroidery.

Monograms For Around the House

Never let it be said that even in your own home people know who you are so no monograms are necessary. Aside from the traditional monogram declaring your name or initials, there are monogram ideas that can have even greater purpose. What happens if you get up each morning and grab the most comfy women’s robe or men’s robe to throw on before heading downstairs to make coffee? #notawake #coffee1st #stillzzzzzz might be just what you need to enjoy ten or 15 minutes of quiet time before your day begins.

Is someone heading off to college to live in the dorms? What about a set of monogrammed towels with #notyours or #mytowel instead of their initials? Personalize them even more by selecting one of the school colors for the towel and the other for the thread color. At home you might try “hang me up” to avoid soggy towels on the floor.

If you are looking for a personal housewarming gift, try monogramming “Guest” in two different fonts like one in classic name and the other in script so visitors never have to ask for towels, or get confused if they are sharing a bathroom. Or be clear about your expectations, “3dayrule.”

Endless Embroidery Possibilities

Here are some other monogram ideas if you need a jump start to being cute, clever or funny:

Bath tub mat: “Ahhhhhhh” or “getting in!” along with a beach embroidery. After all, perception is reality.

Canvas totes: “#gogreen” or “groceries” & an earth embroidery; “travel X” and sunglasses; “neverl8” and an emoji with a tongue sticking out and winking. It is okay to own your truth!

It is said “never wake a sleeping baby.” With Lands’ End baby blankets try “Shhhhhhhh Kevin is sleeping!” or #sleepingbaby to encourage quiet admiration.

Show what you are passionate about on a handy travel backpack or a warm winter scarf with a four-leaf clover, your fur baby’s breed, the American flag, or a pink ribbon. You can even celebrate pride with a rainbow embroidery in the form of a heart, a Lands' End Rainbow logo or an actual rainbow. Then, make it even more special by adding a monogram with your pronouns!

There is traditional monograming, and funny and creative monogramming, along with over 150 embroidery choices and special numerals all available when you shop Lands’ End for monogrammed gift ideas. If you need monograms and logos for business be sure to shop Lands’ End Business.


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