Business Casual Winter Wear for the Office

Business Casual Winter Wear for the Office

Staying comfortable year-round is key when you’re at the office. When you wear the right clothes, you automatically feel more confident, polished, and ready for anything that the day brings. During winter, it’s especially important to select clothes that not only look professional but also help you stay warm. Pieces like women’s wool sweaters, tailored pants, and soft blouses all add a level of sophistication to your work wardrobe during the coldest months of the year.

It’s best to stick with classic pieces that you can easily wear every year. If you’re interested in a particular trend, opt for accessorizing instead of investing in clothes that you may only wear for a few months before retiring them for good. For example, a pair of trendy earrings or an eye-catching scarf complements your more traditional workwear ensemble perfectly. Here’s how to curate a flattering business casual office wardrobe to wear throughout winter.

Cashmere Turtleneck

The right top makes all the difference to your winter work wardrobe. A cashmere turtleneck is not only soft and comfortable but also posh and stylish. You’ll never feel anything but completely pulled together when you pair this soft, elegant, and timeless top with everything from pencil skirts to wide-leg pants.

Low-Profile Boots

The key to remaining casual is to stick with understated pieces that won’t overwhelm your outfit. Each should pair well with the other, culminating in a simple and sensible wardrobe that you can rely on throughout the season. Low-profile boots are the perfect solution when you need practical shoes that pair well with everything from blouses and pencil skirts to sweaters and trousers. Consider the weather when making your choice; if you live in a typically snowy climate, opt for something waterproof. Otherwise, suede makes a luxurious and classic choice.

Knee-Length Skirt

The knee-length skirt is another enduring piece that instantly elevates your professional wardrobe. While you might associate skirts with warmer weather, you can easily make it a core part of your winter wear if you pair it with tights on chilly days. Another alternative is to slip on a pair of knee-high boots with a low-profile heel. They’ll keep you warm, and they look great with sleek skirts and blouses or sweaters.

Tailored Coat

A tailored coat isn’t necessarily a workwear essential, but it’s definitely a go-to choice when temperatures take a dive and you want to wear something that isn’t too bulky or overwhelming. Look for material like wool, which contributes to a sleeker and more refined look that nicely complements your work separates. Basic pieces like smart trousers and twinsets always look right at home with coats like these.

Wide-Leg Pants

A pair of wide-leg dress pants offers the best of all worlds — and certainly, everything that you expect of a high-quality winter work wardrobe. Wide legs ensure constant comfort, while the polished look exemplifies traditional workwear. You can pair them with just about anything imaginable, from sensible pumps and blouses to boots and sweaters. They’re great for those after-work dinners and drinks, too.


The right accessories can transform your outfit from casual to just slightly dressy. Think of the way a simple scarf instantly brings a little more luxury to an otherwise understated look. During winter, opt for softer fabrics that you can rely on for additional warmth. You could even try a lightweight shawl draped over your shoulders when you feel a little chilly in the office. It’s easy to slip on and off, so this warming layer is a practical choice to stash in your tote bag or your desk drawer.

Knit Dresses

If you love wearing dresses to work, you don’t have to stop just because it’s a little bit cooler outside. In the same way that you rock a pencil skirt, you can easily make knit dresses a key part of your wardrobe during winter. Look for features that focus primarily on comfort, like long sleeves, fabrics like fleece and velvet, and longer lengths. Even a maxi dress exudes a professional vibe when you pair it with heels and a necklace.

Loose Blazer

A structured blazer is often seen as highly corporate and polished. By contrast, a looser-fit blazer makes a worthwhile addition to a business casual wardrobe. It’s great when you want to pull everything together without appearing too stuffy. To determine if it’s actually “casual,” consider how it looks with pieces like jeans and leggings. If you can easily pair it with anything in your closet, it’s perfect for a more understated professional wardrobe.

Elegant Blouses

Women’s blouses are an integral part of any business casual wardrobe for winter. You’ll find them in many different styles, and you can easily stick with the understated theme by choosing less dressy, more approachable pieces. A pullover style, for example, looks great with a cardigan and a pair of tailored pants. A button-down style evokes a more corporate quality, but can still fit in well if you want to wear it with a pencil skirt on a day that calls for something a bit more pulled together.

With the right pieces in your winter workwear wardrobe, you can pull off a business casual look that both looks great and helps you stay comfortable — no matter how cold it may be out there.


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