6 Reasons Why Cardigans are a Year-Round Wardrobe Staple

When it comes to wardrobe staples, a reliable cardigan is an absolute must. Not only are women’s cardigans cute and versatile, but they’re the perfect piece year round. Rain or shine, winter or spring, a cardigan is the ultimate go-to for layering, comfort and style. But what is it about this simple article of clothing that makes it so reliable? Take a look at some of our favorite things about cardigans as well as some tips on how to wear them all year long! 

1. A Simple Yet Powerful Layering Piece

For starters, cardigan sweaters are the ultimate layering piece. They’re easy to throw on over virtually anything and are a simple way to elevate any outfit. You can find a cardigan in any color or design, so if you’re looking to add a simple pop of yellow or you’re wanting to make a statement with some plaid or leopard print, a cardigan is an easy yet effective way to go. Not only are they cute and comfortable, but they’re one of the easiest statement pieces you can keep in your wardrobe.

2. Easy to Dress Up or Down

Another reason to love cardigans is that they are incredibly easy to dress up or down. Whether you’re settling in for an evening at home, gearing up for a day at the office or getting dolled up for a night out, a cardigan is an easy item to incorporate into any ensemble, no matter how casual or dressed up it might be. A classic cashmere cardigan sweater will be a great item to keep on hand, no matter the occasion!

3. Perfectly Lightweight

One factor that makes them ideal all year round is the fact that cardigans are incredibly lightweight. Layer them over one of your favorite long-sleeved women’s blouses if it’s chilly outside.  Or you can throw it on over your favorite tank top for a warmer day where you need just a little added comfort. You’ll find yourself turning to your favorite petite cardigan sweater over and over again due to its perfectly lightweight feel.

4. Good for Any Weather

You’ll quickly find that a cardigan works well with your outfit for any weather. If the sun is shining, throw on a breezy cardigan over your cotton sundress to elevate your outfit. If it’s windy outside and maybe drizzling a bit, a cardigan sweater pairs perfectly with a button up shirt and maybe even a scarf to keep your neck warm and cozy. Be sure to bring along your umbrella!

5. Wear Your Favorite Items All Year Round

Perhaps one of our favorite things about cardigans is that they make it easier to wear our favorite items all year round. Without a cardigan, it would be pretty challenging trying to wear a lightweight dress or your favorite women’s cotton tank tops during Fall. However, throw on a cardigan over your favorite warm weather items and they’re instantly part of the perfect ensemble during the colder months of the year.

6. Perfect Piece for Any Season

It’s incredibly easy to wear a cardigan and incorporate it into your everyday ensembles, no matter what season it is. Looking for some inspiration on how to style a cardigan? Take a look at some of our favorite stylings for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to get some ideas for your own wardrobe!


Things are starting to warm up, but the weather can still be a touch unpredictable at the beginning of Spring. Pair one of your favorite pencil skirts with a loose women’s white blouse and a coordinating cardigan for an easy Spring look. If you’re unsure about how the weather will turn out, it’s easy to put on and take off your cardigan throughout the day to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible depending on the weather.


Summertime, the season of infinite warmth! A pair of women’s shorts and your favorite loose blouse is the perfect way to go for any summer day. Dress up your classic summertime ensemble with a lightweight, short- or quarter-sleeved cardigan. This will ensure you look your best without causing you to overheat in the summer sun.


Fall is when we start getting excited about the many different ways we can add layers to our outfits. A comfortable pair of women’s jeans coupled with a classic button-down shirt and a chic cardigan will always be a Fall classic! Throw on a pair of ankle boots and a cute scarf and you’ll be good to go for a crisp Fall day.


Perhaps one of the most important seasons to prioritize staying warm, cardigans are an absolute wardrobe must during the wintertime. Layer one of your favorite tall cardigan sweaters over a warm dress for a comfortable, yet chic and timeless, Winter look. Throw on a pair of thick tights and some knee-high boots to complete the ensemble.

There are so many reasons to love cardigan sweaters, and their versatility is at the top of our list. This wardrobe staple will prove to be a useful go-to all year round, giving you the ability to look your best while staying comfortable in your outfit of choice. Warm or cold, you’ll be happy to have a pile of women’s cardigan sweaters on hand all year long!


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