Can I Wear Flats to a Wedding?

Can I wear flats to a wedding? Yes!

Weddings are such a joyous occasion and are a wonderful time to dress up in beautiful clothes. However, if the thought of cramming your feet into high heels, pumps, or stilettos for the ceremony, dinner, and a night of dancing terrifies you, don't worry! You can wear gorgeous, comfortable flats for a wedding and still be chic and stylish.

One of the keys to finding wedding-appropriate flats is to look in the "occasion" section of the store, where you can find shoes with pretty embellishments. Before choosing a pair of flats, decide what type of outfit you are wearing and find out what the wedding venue is like. Let's take a look at a few scenarios where flats are a perfect choice for unique wedding locations and a few suggestions to pair with your wedding outfit.

Weddings held in the woods

Outdoor weddings held in rustic forests and woods are romantic and charming. However, you must take into consideration factors such as the weather, how far you have to walk to the location, and what type of terrain you will encounter.

Flats are the ideal and obvious choice for a woodsy wedding. Trying to walk through grass or forest materials with heels on is not only impractical but could be dangerous, as well. You don't want the heels to get stuck in the meadow grasses or trip over an exposed root and twist your ankle! But don't feel like you have to wear frumpy flats to a forest wedding — you can still find adorable ones that will make your outfit shine.

First, pick a dress with a hemline that hits either above the knee or just above the ankle to avoid dragging the material through grass or sticks. Not only will the hem get wet and dirty, but it could become snagged, causing damage to the dress.

Choose flats that have closed toes to prevent debris from getting into your shoes, and pick a material that cleans up easily. Try to avoid too many bows, lace, or embellishments that can get caught on debris. Mary Jane-style flats with patent leather are a great choice. The strap around the arch of the foot gives the shoe extra support, and you can clean the leather up with a damp cloth. Choose romantic patterns that are printed on the leather, such as floral designs that match the outdoor theme.

Weddings held on a boat

Attending a wedding held on the water is very romantic. However, there are several challenges that come with picking the right outfit and shoes for a boat wedding. The first thing to consider is what type of boat you will be on, as each one has its own set of challenges. Moving around a sailboat requires stable and sure footing, while cruising on a yacht may require negotiating narrow stairways.

Because conditions can change and vary while onboard, flats are the perfect choice for a boat wedding. You want to have flats with sturdy soles that have some grip to them to help you with sure footing when the boat is moving. You certainly don't have to wear classic boat shoes, but do pick flats that will provide stability.

Choosing an outfit may take a bit more creativity, as you will probably encounter wind. A pair of gorgeous wide-legged silk pants will keep your legs covered from the sun and wind and can be paired with a huge variety of tops. Ballet flats are good for a boat wedding, as they have flexible yet sturdy soles that help your feet grip the deck when moving through the water. Suede ballet flats enhanced with bows or ribbons look beautiful with elegant pants that are appropriate for a wedding.

Formal weddings

While outdoor weddings are popular and unique, you will probably be invited to a more traditional or formal wedding venue at some point. Can you wear flats to a formal wedding? Yes! You absolutely can! This is where you can pick flats that are beautifully enhanced with lace, ribbons, bows, pearls, and rhinestones. Because you won't be encountering obstacles that may get caught in your shoe, you can choose a pair of flats that are open-toed. These will look gorgeous for a summer wedding.

Elegant flats made from velvet look beautiful with more traditional wedding attire. Dresses made with lace, satin, and velvety materials are feminine and give the woman wearing it a classic and timeless look. Metallic flats look striking with jewel-tone satin dresses, while flats with ankle straps and rhinestone or pearl embellishments look sophisticated with a dress whose hemline hits above the knee.

There are hundreds of styles and designs of flats to choose from. Be sure to check the location of the wedding venue before picking your flats and choose them to coordinate seamlessly with your wedding attire. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day when you swap heels for flats at the next wedding you attend.


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