Can Flannel Shirts Be Business Casual?

Can Flannel Shirts Be Business Casual?

In a word: yes.

For those of you who want to do a deeper dive into upping your flannel shirt game, this article is for you. The flannel shirt is a timeless image for fall and winter, and we here at Lands' End absolutely love it. Men's flannel shirts and women's flannel shirts might have a bit of a reputation for having a rural or woodsy vibe — and that's totally valid. But we like to think of the flannel as much more versatile. But are flannels business casual? Let's talk a little about what makes flannels so special and how you can incorporate them into outfits that are appropriate for the office or a business-casual workplace.

Can Men's Flannel Shirts Be Business Casual?

Lands' End men's flannel shirts are made with the best materials and methods we can muster — long-staple ring-spun combed cotton. Now, you might be thinking, "That sure was a lot of qualifying words before they got to cotton," and you'd be right. Each of those words is important, though, in communicating the fact that we're using quality cotton and treating it right.

The combing process weeds out shorter-staple yarn fibers that can cause weaknesses in the yarns, and therefore the final product. The remaining long-staple cotton fibers can be spun into tighter yarns that have fewer loose ends and spots that would encourage fraying. Those yarns can then be ring-spun, which makes those strong yarns even stronger. All of this comes together in a tighter-woven — and therefore stronger—cotton flannel that wears better and will last longer. We then brush our flannel on both sides for a softer feel inside and outside — where it counts.

So, we're dealing with some pretty special shirts. And certainly, anything special can be dressed up, right? But is a flannel business casual?

How to Style a Men's Business Casual Flannel Shirt

If you're wondering how to make your flannel shirt business casual, one way is pairing it with a good pair of flat-front chinos. Men's chinos these days are best worn in a fit that's slim but not skinny. A slimmer leg is flattering and makes you look a little taller, which is an added bonus.

A good pair of men's pants is only the first option for making your flannel business casual, though. Let's say you're looking to stick with your trusty denim. Is flannel business casual if it's paired with denim? Men's jeans in a darker wash look much more professional — leave all that fading, pre-distressing and embellishment for the weekend. Dark wash jeans look more like chinos, and they help elevate and showcase the rest of your outfit.

If you go with jeans, try tucking in that flannel and throwing on a necktie and a sport coat. In this case, the flannel will act more like a men's dress shirt but with more warmth and coziness than any alternative. People across conference room tables will admire your sartorial prowess, and you'll be feeling great all day. After all, your confidence and comfort are what this is all about.

Can Women's Flannel Shirts Be Business Casual?

Women have long been rocking flannel shirts, showing that they're the perfect warm wardrobe staple for any gender. But can a flannel be business casual for women? Flannel can be the perfect fabric for lounging around and cozying up on the couch all day. But it's also the ideal way to dress down your business attire, keeping things buttoned-up while still maintaining an air of comfort and ease for those long days at the office, whether it's in person or virtual. We happen to think flannel is the perfect way to dress for remote work, as it's a step up from a sweatshirt or t-shirt while still being a collared button-down shirt that suggests a slight air of formality. So is plaid business casual? Absolutely.

How to Style a Women's Business Casual Flannel Shirt

Upgrading a women's flannel shirt from just plain casual to business casual doesn't take too much effort. All you need to do is think about what you're pairing it with. Throwing a blazer over your flannel or plaid shirt is a quick way to turn things up a notch, and a somewhat fancier pair of pants, like chinos or black work pants, can do the trick. Jeans can even work when trying to make a flannel shirt business casual if you tuck it in and pair it with a sleek belt and elegant jewelry or a put-together hairstyle.

But are flannel shirts business casual on their own? One unique way to upgrade your flannel shirt, however, is to try a women's flannel tunic. This is an ingenious option for anyone who's looking for the ultra-warm and cozy elements of a flannel shirt with a slightly more feminine and formal edge. The delicate rounded neck of a women's flannel tunic is perfect for adding a little bit of style to your business casual flannel look and brings the best of both worlds to your work attire. It also answers the question once and for all: can a flannel be business casual? Without a doubt!


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