A Guide to Buying Pajama Sets

A Guide to Buying Pajama Sets

You might not put the same attention into buying a cozy pair of matching pajamas as you do the perfect pair of jeans or your professional attire. You just grab what feels soft and comfortable. But there’s actually a bit of fine art to selecting the types of pajamas that stand the test of time. And in addition to longevity and comfort, the style also plays an important role. Here are a few tips to help you select the best pajamas.

Choose the Right Fabric

The right fabric matters — especially since you’re dependent on pure comfort to ensure that you fall into a deep and restful sleep each night. If you’re wearing something too warm, not warm enough, itchy, or unsubstantial, you probably won’t feel very well rested. During the spring and summer months, it’s good to choose a lightweight material that won’t compromise your comfort or prevent you from sleeping. Airy cotton is always a great choice for its breathability.

During the cooler months, you might prefer a pair of flannel pajamas. While flannel is warm and snuggly, it’s also surprisingly breathable. You won’t have to deal with uncomfortable night sweats that disturb your sleep and keep you tossing and turning through the night.

Consider How It Fits

Fit matters where any garment is concerned, whether it’s a pair of women’s pajamas or women’s jeans. Pay just as much attention to the way your pajamas fit as you do your denim! For nightwear, however, it’s best to stick with products that are a little bit looser. Something that’s too snug will feel too restrictive and make it more challenging to fall asleep.

That’s especially true of pajama sets that feature extra embellishments, like buttons and zippers. Those little extras may add some style to the equation, and they can also help certain garments fit a little bit better and more securely, but make sure that they don’t detract from your comfort.

Find What You Love

Much like handbags and fragrances, pajama sets are a personal style choice. Some people love the idea of wearing lightweight women’s shorts and matching T-shirts to bed on warmer nights. Others prefer full-length pants and button-front tops for a more classic look. Some might like to sleep that way year-round, even when it’s warm. And some may favor the look of a traditional nightgown — not quite a pajama set, of course, but still an alternative that’s just as comfortable and welcome.

With so many options out there, one thing is certain: You can still look and feel good, even when you're cozy in bed. Have some fun with your choices. Try a cute print or a light shade during spring and summer to match the essence of the season. Go with a selection of richer hues and playful patterns during the cooler months. It’s easy to find pieces adorned with snowflakes, trees, reindeer, and other festive accents.

Don’t Forget the Robe

Whether you opt for a loose and flowing nightgown instead of a standard pajama set or prefer a pair of comfortable PJs, you don’t want to be without a soft flannel robe to keep you toasty on those unexpectedly brisk mornings.

You aren’t limited to flannel, of course. Try a lighter weight robe made with Supima cotton when you just want to add on a comfortable layer. Prefer something that you can wear when you step out of the tub or shower? Try a terry cloth robe instead. It soaks up moisture nicely and will keep you comfortable while you get ready for the day or prepare to crawl into bed.

Mix It All Up

Who says you have to purchase a matching set? Have a little bit of fun with your sleepwear just the same way you do when you’re mixing and matching your everyday clothes for work and play. Try a pair of cropped pajamas, for example, in a fun and breezy print. Pair it with a lightweight top when you want to stay cool and comfortable.

Or pair a warm yet airy Henley top with a pair of sleep shorts or long pants depending on the time of year. The beauty of this style top is that it’s versatile enough to wear no matter the time of year. It’s warm enough to keep you comfortable during fall and winter but won’t have you sweating up a storm during the warmer months. Adding a few separates to the mix is a great way to express your style, even if you’re the only one who ever sees it!


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