Best Women’s Shorts for Summer

Best Women’s Shorts for Summer

Summer weather is here — it's time to bring back your warm-weather wardrobe! There's nothing more exciting than trading out bulky winter sweaters and coats for lightweight women's shorts and blouses.

Many summer shorts are flattering, comfortable, and timeless in their style. Also, the varying lengths suit different occasions and levels of formality. From Bermuda shorts and short shorts to athletic fits, there is a pair that will be perfect for your next summer adventure. Here are the best women's shorts that will keep you cool and fashionable all season.

Choose the Best Lengths for You

When it gets hot outside, it can be challenging to find a balance between modesty and proper ventilation. When it comes to shorts, fits can either be too short, too tight, or too long and loose for your taste. Before you start shopping for summer shorts, think about the styles and lengths of shorts in which you feel comfortable and attractive.

Everyone has their own style preferences, which works perfectly with shorts since they come in a variety of lengths. The best part is that the varied bottoms, such as the seven-inch shorts, the knee-length shorts, and the capri pants, each match well with most summer tops. And the regular and curvy fits are also designed to make you feel confident and attractive where ever you go.

Stay Cool in Seven-Inch Shorts

If you are a great fan of shorter shorts but desire just a splash of modesty, you will love the perfect balance that seven-inch shorts make in your wardrobe. These land just a few inches above the knee and can come in a variety of materials like denim, Chino, and linen. Experiment with different levels of rise, such as mid-rise and high-rise — both universally flattering, from petite to plus size shorts. Low-rise is also comfortable and chic with many different styles of tops.

Wear your seven-inch shorts with a loose flowy top, or tuck in a blouse and wear a belt for a more formal and flirty look. You can wear these shorts with different types of shoes, including flats, sandals, and sneakers. One thing’s for sure — when you get a taste of how versatile seven-inch shorts are, you won't be satisfied with just one pair. Get a few colors and materials on hand to maximize your outfit range and get the most enjoyment out of your summer style.

Experience Cozy Days with Elastic Pull-on Shorts

When you want to feel the most comfortable, there's nothing cozier than a pair of elastic pull-on shorts. These can be worn when you're lounging at home or simply when you want to have a no-fuss pair of shorts for an active day. This style is also short enough to keep you cool but not so short that you’d feel uneasy.

Tuck your shirt in the elastic waist or leave it out for a more relaxed feel. This style can match your favorite casual summer tops like short sleeve women's shirts, tank tops, and jersey knit polos. It's also a great get-up-and-go bottom for when you need to run out of the house immediately. There are no buttons or zippers to slow you down. Grab a few in different colors to create a variety of casual and comfortable outfits.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts land just above the knee. They answer the call for a modest and attractive pair of shorts that can be worn at outdoor corporate events, the workplace, and family gatherings. This length is perfect for anyone who wants to keep cool without sacrificing modesty. Bermuda shorts also look great with tunics, camisoles, blouses, and button-down shirts. Just like capri pants, the longer length of Bermuda shorts gives them an extra advantage in fitting in more formal settings, especially outdoor work parties.

Also known as knee-length shorts or 12-inch shorts, Bermudas come in many different materials, prints, and styles to suit the fashion needs of women. To feel extra cool, grab a pair in super breezy Chino cotton, which is not only great looking, but also long-lasting and can be worn season after season. When you need shorts that will last and stay in style, you can depend on high-quality Bermuda shorts to return to your summer wardrobe year after year.

Which styles of shorts are speaking out to you? Have fun and try on different types to see which ones you like best.


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