Best Ways to Wear a Sundress

The Best Ways to Wear a Sundress

When you find a sundress you love, you probably want to wear it all the time After all, it’s comfortable, keeps you cool, and makes you look amazing. But you can’t wear the same thing every day, can you?

Well, maybe not every day, but you can quite possibly get away with wearing it once a week if you know how to style it properly. Using other pieces or accessories with your sundress can make it look like an entirely different outfit, and nobody has to know your secret. If you’ve got a favorite sundress in your closet that you’re not ready to say goodbye to, let’s go over the best ways to wear a sundress so you can make it look brand-new.

Under a Cardigan

If you’re eager to start wearing your sundress as soon as the spring solstice arrives, or still want to rock a breezy dress when the fall leaves start to pile up, fear not. You can get away with wearing your favorite sundress in spring and in fall if you wear it under a women’s cardigan sweater. It can keep you warm when the air is crisp while also making that favorite sundress look more like an any-season dress. Just be sure to keep the color scheme in mind. After all, a bright or pastel-colored cardigan doesn't give off autumn vibes.

With a Jean Jacket

Sundresses are cute, but they don’t necessarily provide much warmth. The temperature can easily drop when the sun goes down, leaving you feeling the goosebumps and longing for a jacket. That’s when a cropped denim jacket can add just enough warmth to take the chill off of your arms and shoulders. It also transforms your sundress by making it look more casual and cool than formal and flowy. Plus, you can use the pockets for your essentials instead of dragging a purse around with you.

Under a Blouse

This tip can completely transform your sundress. Take one of your button-up women’s blouses that matches your sundress in terms of color and fabric. Put it on over your sundress, and button all but the top two and bottom two buttons. Gather each of the two loose ends at the bottom and tie them together so they turn the blouse into more of a billowy, long-sleeved shirt. Leaving the top two or three buttons undone will make it look like you’re wearing a blouse and skirt instead of a sundress. Make sure it’s a thinner summer blouse instead of one made to be worn in winter so it blends well with the dress.

With the Help of Some Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry stands out from the crowd and acts as the focal point of an outfit. If you have any jewelry that fits this definition, now’s the time to use it. Instead of relying on go-to jewelry pieces that you wear with a certain dress, try experimenting with jewelry that you wouldn’t otherwise consider. You may be amazed at how chic it makes an otherwise plain sundress look. It can be something as simple as a pearl necklace, a choker, a long necklace with bold colors, or a large pendant. Just make sure it matches the dress by saving the statement jewelry for simple solid-colored sundresses instead of bold, patterned ones.

With Different Sandals and Shoes

Just as jewelry can make or break an outfit, so can footwear. Think about the summer dresses that you might typically wear. Now think about the shoes you normally wear them with. Do you have any other shoes that might change the way you wear a particular sundress? For example, if you always wear a pair of wedge sandals with a sundress, think about how a pair of sneakers might make it look. Now add a jean jacket. Are you liking the more casual style, or does the dress only go with sandals? Sometimes it’s the opposite of what you’d normally wear that actually looks great and turns heads. For example, the contrast between a feminine sundress and a rugged cowboy boot really works sometimes. Just be sure to consider the occasion and what the weather’s like since those two factors will influence what shoes you might want to wear.

Whether it’s a maxi dress, a wrap dress, an A-line dress, or a T-shirt dress, your favorite sundress deserves to be shown off. Make it look brand-new by styling it differently and relying on items you already have in your closet to inspire fresh ways to wear it.


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