Best Sweaters for Tall Women

Best Sweaters for Tall Women

You’re tall ,and it’s sweater weather! Then you’re in luck. Tall women can wear anything and look great (if the fit is right from head to toe). There is a reason that runway models are tall. Clothes look lovely and sophisticated on a tall frame (and don't you know it!). With Lands’ End sweaters, you have all the tall sweater options you need. Let’s check them out, but first, we need to talk about fit.

Fit: Where are You Tall?

This may seem like a silly question, but it is key to getting the right tall-sized sweater. Are you tall and evenly proportioned from head to toe? Are you more average on top and have killer legs? Do you have a lovely long waist? “Where you are tall” will determine what tall-sized garments you will need to choose. When in doubt, use a measuring tape and a full-length mirror to be sure. Always check the return policy for any store from which you buy, too. If it doesn’t work for you, get your money back and find something that does.

The beauty of having a properly sized tall sweater is that it will fit your individual frame. So you won’t have to scrunch up the sleeves and “pretend” they are three-quarter length or try to ignore the fact that you are wearing a sweater where the body of it is just a little too short to be flattering. After all, you are a sophisticated adult. You deserve clothing that fits.

Fit: How Should Different Types of Sweaters Fit My Frame?

For most sweaters, you will want the hem to fall just below your hip bones, so it creates a gentle, fitted drape across the front. Unless you want a sweater to look decidedly relaxed, you will probably want it to skim your body (while leaving room for any camisole, tank, or blouse you may choose to wear underneath). It’s a little like the old saying that you should wear your clothes loosely enough to look like a lady and fitted enough so that it’s obvious that you’re a woman. Make sure to choose tall sweaters that fit both your height and your curves while creating a graceful silhouette.

Sweater Choices: If You’re Tall, Flaunt It with Long Cardigans

One of the advantages of being tall is that you can rock those long cardigans and dusters that not every woman can pull off. For a great look, wear your favorite women’s jeans

with a classic women’s white blouse and a long cardigan. Add a pair of booties (either flat or with a low to mid-heel for beauty and comfort), and you have an outfit that will take you anywhere.

Sweater Choices: Tall Turtlenecks

Tall women also look great in turtlenecks. This means a “turtle” that is not too short or tall for your neck. You should be able to see at least an inch or more of skin between your jawline and the top of the turtleneck. And of course, the body of the sweater and sleeves should also be long enough to fall gracefully instead of looking like you accidentally ran a wool sweater through the dryer. Try a tall turtleneck with women’s yoga pants and ballet flats for a chic and timeless choice.

Sweater Choices: Crew Necks

Crew necks are one of the most versatile sweater choices around. You can wear them by themselves, put a white blouse underneath and emphasize the collar and cuffs for a classic look, or wear a thin turtleneck underneath. Choose a fun Christmas print with a red, white, or green solid-colored crew neck sweater for the perfect winter holiday look. You can also carry one just in case across your shoulders or around your waist. Finally, crew necks make great choices for layering under a coat when you need some extra insulation for those winter adventures.

Sweater Choices: Cardigans (Hip length)

A great cardigan is a wardrobe must. You can wear it by itself buttoned up or layer it over a tank, silk shell, or blouse. You can dress cardigans up or down. And the fiber choices are fabulous. You can go for 100% cotton, wool, or cashmere, depending on your preference. Cotton has the advantage of being 100% breathable and easy to but over or under almost anything. Wool has that lightweight warmth that we all crave in chilly weather. And cashmere, well, need we say more than “cashmere”? It’s the ultimate in softness and beauty.

However, you choose to wear your cardigan, remember that a full-length mirror is your friend. Model your potential outfits in front of one and do a full spin. Also, if you plan to wear a cardigan by itself, button it up completely and then practice reaching and bending over to make sure it will move comfortably with you while keeping you covered.

Sweaters are one of the most beautiful wardrobe choices that tall women can make, so get out there and enjoy sweater season!

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