Best Plus Size Swim Capris for the Summer

Best Plus Size Swim Capris for the Summer

Swim capris are a summer essential that can help take your warm-weather outfits to a whole new level! Discover new styles and tips for the best plus size swim capris to keep you cool and fashionable at any temperature.

Look for Optimal Sun Protection

Among the plus size swimwear options, plus size swim capris are an excellent choice because they cover more of your legs, exposing less of your skin to the sun’s harmful rays. While any type of fabric can help reduce risks from the sun, some are specifically with sun protection in mind and state their level of protection. It’s a good idea to look for versions with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends sun-protective fabrics with UPF 50 or more as effective measures against the sun’s UV rays. Keep in mind that you still need to protect the rest of your body, so don’t forget to pack that waterproof sunscreen along with a pair of swim shoes for everyone in the family!

Find Features That Offer Comfort

In addition to a great level of sun protection, one of the advantages of plus size swim capris is that they are very comfortable. Look for features such as high-quality fabrics that include Lycra or Spandex for stretch and movement. Some styles are also designed with comfortable tummy control panels, so you can look and feel fabulous.

Look for elastic waistbands that can adjust to your specific body shape and size, too, so they’ll look like they were designed just for you. Well-made seams will help the capris fit well and offer maximum comfort as well. The rise of a swim capri can vary, so make sure to look for styles that are most comfortable for you. Some women prefer a lower rise, while some women find a high rise option the best for them.

Sensational Swim Capri Styles

You can find swim capris in a variety of styles to help you look and feel your best. Most versions are typically fitted to the body, making it easy to be active in or out of the water. Lengths can vary — while many come to about knee length, some may rest just above the knee or go down to the ankle. These are a great option whether you are just looking for that extra sun coverage or are looking for something modest as well as stylish.

You can also find capri styles with attached plus size swim skirts. Or, just add a regular swim skirt or shorts over your capris to change up the look whenever you want to. Classic black is a popular look, but there are also lots of other choices, including tropical colors like teal, as well.

Get the Best Capri Fit

Plus size swim capris are a look that’s universally flattering to any body type, but it’s important to get the right size so they look their best. Check the size chart carefully and consider looking at reviews to discover whether the capris run true to size, small, or large. Since it can be disappointing to order a pair of great plus size swim pants that don’t fit, consider ordering a couple of pairs in slightly different sizes so you have an option to try on if your first size option isn’t quite right.

Styling Tips for Swim Capris

Along with being ultra-flattering for any body shape or size, swim capris also have the bonus of being extremely versatile. You can mix and match your swim capris with tons of pieces for different looks. Try them with a bikini top and long sleeve cover-up top, or try a cute print or solid plus size tankini.

A strapless off-the-shoulder tankini adds some elegance, while a racerback swim top will create a fun and sporty look. You can easily wear your swim capris in and out of the water. Throw on a light summer tunic on top and you’re ready to go anywhere or pair them with a cute denim skirt or denim shorts and a tee for a cool casual look. The options are limitless! Just make sure the color families you choose will coordinate with your capris. If they’re black, you’re home free. If they are a bright or unique color, try to balance your look by wearing some neutral pieces or coordinating colors.

Caring for Your Swim Capris

Like most swimwear, swim capris don't take a lot of special care, especially if you look for fabrics that are resistant to chlorine and saltwater. Rinse or wash after use to keep them fresh and clean. Follow the care instructions, which may be to hand wash or wash on a delicate cycle in cool or warm water. Lay them flat or place them on a drying rack to dry. If you end up with a stain, use a stain removing product as soon as possible and rinse thoroughly to keep them looking as good as new.

Plus Size Swim Capris for Perfect Summer Style

The best plus size swim capris will be well-made and have the functional and stylish features you’re looking for to provide a perfect, flattering look. Because they’re so comfortable and versatile, they make great pieces to wear all summer long!


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