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Best Plus Size Dress Styles for a Summer Wedding for Guests

Have you been invited to a wedding this summer? As a guest, you need to find respectable attire to suit the occasion. If you’re looking for plus size dresses, it’s also important to follow a set of guest outfit rules. For starters, you must not wear white and upstage the bride. It’s also important to pick a dress that is fitting for the venue and the time of day. To help you in the decision process, here are a few of the best plus size dress styles for a summer wedding.

Look Classically Beautiful in a Fit and Flare Dress

The fitted natural waist and fashionably loose skirt of plus size fit and flare dresses have been creating a classic silhouette throughout the years. This flattering cut is appealing on many heights, body shapes, and figure proportions. Because it is universally appealing, it has long been a staple in spring and summer wardrobes.

Fit and flare dresses are also called skater dresses after the type of costume ice skaters would wear in the 1950s. It is characterized by having a snug bodice and flared hemline to make the waist look small while creating flattering curves. This is also a popular cut for individuals who want a splash of modesty to their dresses, as the flouncy skirt offers a loose fit over the hips and knees. Many women prefer this cut to a bodycon dress because a loose skirt doesn’t need to be tugged at or adjusted frequently. In addition, fit-and-flare dresses can be worn alone without accessories for casual events and then dressed up with a belt, high heels, and statement jewelry to make a stunning date night outfit.

Shine in a Sheath Dress

Named after its shape that resembles a sword’s sheath, this dress style offers the perfect silhouette for a summer wedding guest dress. Sheath dresses offer a close-fitting, slim shape that isn’t skin-tight, which is ideal for semi-formal and formal occasions like weddings. It still gives you plenty of figure-hugging shape to show off your curves, but at the same time, you have some room to sit and socialize comfortably without constantly readjusting your hemline. Another great thing about wearing sheath dresses is that they accentuate your natural waist. You can play up this feature by wearing a fashion belt. Sheath dresses also come in a variety of neckline styles. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for different necklines like cowl, round, square, V-neck, ruched, strapless, and more. Find the one that is most comfortable for you.

For a summer wedding, sheath dresses in bright colors and floral prints are excellent styling options. If you’re attending an outdoor wedding, select a dress made out of 100% cotton to allow maximum breathability in the hot sun. Avoid polyester or wool blends, which are better suited for indoor, air-conditioned places in milder seasons. To dress up your sheath dress for a wedding, wear a pair of high heels or dressy flats, a beautiful matching jewelry set, and a fashionable clutch. Also, this dress does double-duty for more casual occasions. Wear plus size cardigan sweaters over this style of dress with some clogs or pumps to make a stable business casual outfit.

Bring Out Your Best Silhouette With Shapewear

Sometimes the best accessories are hidden underneath your outfit. Women of all sizes have found a secret styling weapon with shapewear, especially when it comes to special occasion dresses. Forget the girdles of decades ago. Modern shapewear doesn’t try to change your body’s size or cinch your waist to unsafe proportions. Today's shapewear is more comfortable than ever, made of breathable, lightweight fabrics that won’t overheat you while you’re wearing cotton summer dresses. Instead, shapewear only smooths your body to create an evenly distributed figure that helps your clothes fit comfortably and look great.

Women who are postpartum or in need of an extra touch of firming support should always keep a few sets of shaping camisoles, bodysuits, and shorts ready. Shapewear is available in all sizes because every body type can take advantage of its benefits. Whether you need a type that enhances curves, minimizes the bust, or smooths the waistline, there is a product for every shaping need. This summer, grab a few shapewear items to add a little bit of definition to your special occasion dress wardrobe.

The best dress for your upcoming summer wedding is just a few clicks away. Take some time to find the style that you want to show off!


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