Best Outerwear to Wear With a Jumpsuit

Best Outerwear to Wear With a Jumpsuit

If you haven’t tried wearing a jumpsuit yet, you’re missing out on one of the most comfortable ways to wear a dressy outfit. They’re stretchy enough not to be constricting, they’re flattering in all the right places, and they have a way of feeling like comfy loungewear while making you look like a million bucks.

With their cinched waist, they create a flattering silhouette that’s more streamlined than a top and pair of pants. Plus, the monochrome palette of head-to-toe black or white offers a chic simplicity that you can easily wear on its own or with something like a statement necklace. But on a breezy night in the spring or when it’s subzero in the winter, you’ll need to also think about what jacket to wear with it. Here are our tips on finding the best outerwear to wear with a jumpsuit.

For Formal Winter Occasions

If you have something like a wedding or holiday party to attend in the wintertime, you may want a long winter coat to wear over your jumpsuit to protect it from any slush that may splash onto it while you’re en route to your destination. This is especially true if you’re wearing a black jumpsuit since salt stains will show up quicker than you like. A long wool coat will look more formal than a parka or quilted down jacket, so keep that in mind as well.

For Formal Spring, Summer, and Fall Occasions

A belted trench coat is ideal for formal occasions from spring to summer as they may not be warm enough in wintertime. They also match the style of a jumpsuit with a cinched waist. When picking the right trench coat, you’ll just have to think about the color and the length. Black is always safe. Cream, white, or khaki are also safe in the summertime since they match everything. Just be cautious of mixing certain colors — for example, a black trench coat won’t necessarily match a navy blue jumpsuit, and vice versa.

For Casual Occasions

The versatility of a jumpsuit lets you look formal when you need to and casual when you want to. But to take it from dressed up to laid-back, you’ll have to add something casual since a jumpsuit on its own acts as a blank canvas. That means adding something like a denim jacket or even a somewhat distressed leather jacket. It’s a nice change from the traditional T-shirt and women’s jeans combination as well, and maybe even more comfortable.

For Super Casual Occasions

There are casual occasions, and then there are really casual occasions. After all, someone could say that going to dinner with friends is a casual occasion. But you still want to look good and dress up a bit, right? Then there are really casual occasions, like going to an outdoor concert or picnic. You want to be able to move around freely and comfortably without anything getting in your way, which is why a jumpsuit is so great.

Again, it acts as a blank canvas, so make it look grungy by wearing it with a flannel shirt during fall or during a typical summer night when the sun goes down. You could also wear it with a chunky cardigan sweater. Both can act as outerwear that takes the place of a traditional lightweight jacket. The ability to tie them around your waist when not using them is not only convenient but it also adds some definition to your waistline.

For Professional Events

If you have a professional even to attend, the type of outerwear you wear with your jumpsuit will obviously depend on the season. But outside of winter, you can try a cropped blazer over your jumpsuit to give it a more serious, “I mean business” look. In contrast, if it is wintertime, a typical long double-breasted coat works. Be mindful of the shoes you wear with the blazer or coat as well. Wearing pumps makes it look professional while wearing loafers or flats makes a jumpsuit look more casual.

For Rainy Days and Nights

When you’re out and about with rain in the forecast, you’ll want to protect yourself with a women’s rain jacket that goes well with your jumpsuit. Again, trench coats are great rain jackets, as long as they are water-resistant. Alternatively, a parka works well too. Anything that has enough length on it that protects your legs from getting wet works. After all, the material jumpsuits are made of tends to show more water stains than jeans or other pants do.

No matter the season or the event, a jumpsuit is a great wardrobe staple, as long as you have the right outerwear for wherever life takes you.


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