Best Loungewear Outfits to Wear When Cleaning the Bathroom

Best Loungewear Outfits to Wear When Cleaning the Bathroom

Keeping a house sparkling clean involves a lot of work and consistency. Bathrooms are especially prone to getting messy because there are extra elements at play like water, chemicals, and soap. This room also bears the brunt of the household grime because it's an accessible place to use water. If something gets messy, bathrooms are the place to take on the task of cleaning it. 

If you don’t keep this place clean, dry, and grime-free, problems like mold and stains can develop which downgrade its look. Standing water presents big problems when left alone over time. Cleaning this space with effective products is important to keep harmful mold away and make the rest of your house look good. But how do you clean your bathroom without getting yourself messy in the process? Here are the best comfy clothes to wear when cleaning the bathroom.

Wear Low-Maintenance Materials

When you’re going into the trenches, you don’t want to wear your favorite cashmere sweater or linen pants. Instead, go for fabrics that are easy to wash such as polyester-cotton blends or cotton. These fabrics are also less expensive than silk or wool which can leave you in tears if you get bleach or other cleaners on them. For starters, grab inexpensive basics like comfy cotton shirts that you know can go into the wash easily. Overall, if you will be upset if you damage the shirt, you are wearing something too delicate or expensive for chores. These clothes will get messy so they need to be resilient. It’s also a good idea to get some second-hand clothing for arduous chores so that you don’t have to worry about sweat, stains, and water at all.

Wear Unobtrusive Clothing

When you are cleaning, this isn’t time to wear tricky items like bell-sleeves or wide-leg jeans. Loose clothing will get tangled and soaked in bathroom grime. Instead, wear unobtrusive or form-fitting items like T-shirts and basic cotton leggings. These pieces stay out of the way when you want to do a deep clean, while fancier clothing can get caught into the sink or absorb water. When you get into the trenches of bathroom sanitizing, water will splash and cleaning products can get on your clothing. If you have lots of loose fabric about you, you can quickly become soggier than expected.

This principle is important to keep in mind in the winter when you still need to stay warm while cleaning. An old pair of skinny jeans can stay out of the way while keeping you warm. An old sweater or long-sleeved cotton shirt are also excellent cleaning tops. Leave jackets and hoodies behind though since they can get soaked or damaged from cleaning chores.

Wear Old Clothing

If you can make time for an outfit change, it’s best overall to get into old clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or stained. This is especially true if your bathroom cleaning involves harsh products, soap scum removal, and plenty of scrubbing on your hands and knees. If you can manage to wear old clothing, then you won’t be stressed out if it gets a spot of bleach on it.

The less pressure you have to keep your clothes clean, the better. You get more freedom to move and get the job done effectively when you don’t have to worry about your clothes staying neat. Some low-pressure old clothing examples are old leggings, worn-out T-shirts, old tank tops, and women’s comfy casual pants. Overall, if you have a shirt or bottom that is restricted to home wear, then it’s a good candidate for bathroom cleaning.

Wear Short Sleeves & Shorts

Summertime loungewear is also excellent for bathroom cleaning. It’s hard to get your clothes wet when you wear comfy cotton shorts and a tank top. You don’t need to worry about getting your knees soaked and having to change after you're done cleaning. Summer comfort clothing is, in fact, the perfect bathroom cleaning ensemble because they are comfortable and aren’t as likely to collect water. However, if you know that your task may involve a lot of splashes, such as a deep shower clean, you might just want to wear a swimsuit so that you can clean without worrying about staying clear of any water.

Loungewear is comfortable, classic, and easy to wear for many household chores. Get the most practical and cozy sets for your next bathroom deep clean.


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