Best Fall Colors to Wear This Season

Best Fall Colors to Wear This Season

The best fall colors to wear this season are flattering, versatile, and on-trend. Discover which shades are the hottest go-to’s this season to help you look your stylish best as the temperatures begin to fall.

Classic Blue is the Perfect Hue

Deemed Pantone’s color of the year recently, classic blue is a cool, wearable shade that can be worn with a variety of other colors. Pair a classic blue blouse with khaki pants or denim jeans, or a jacket in this shade with a crisp white blouse and black trousers. Dresses in classic blue make great pieces to wear for work or play in fall. This is also an ideal transitional color - more toned down than the brights of summer, but not quite as deep as the jewel tones often associated with the winter months - classic blue makes the perfect fall hue this year.

Wine and Burgundy Shades

Wine and burgundy hues add warmth to your fall wardrobe in colors that are rich and inviting. Not only do these colors have a subtle warmth that fits the season perfectly, but they also feel elegant and refined, so they are perfect for dresses, cardigans, blouses, skirts, and even flannel shirts. Whether you are wearing this color to the office or out for a fall date night, wines and burgundies are universally flattering for any skin tone, so you can’t go wrong.

Dark Gray for Autumn

Looking for a flattering, go-with-anything color that’s not quite as dark as traditional black? Enter deep gray. This lovely, elegant shade can work well in everything from jackets to pants to dresses, and it goes with every color of the rainbow, too. Pair dark gray with white, blues, greens, or pops of fall color like marigold or rust for a unique look. Monochromatic looks can also work well - just choose slightly lighter or darker shades to wear together so add a bit of interest. A pattern blouse or scarf can also amp up the style for an allover gray look.

Blush Pink for Fall

You may think of pinks as more of a spring or summer shade, but when worn right, blush pink can keep you on-trend and looking fabulous this fall. This is another color that is universally flattering for any skin tone, and it can function as a neutral color even though it has a hint of a pink hue. It works beautifully with other neutrals like gray, tan, khaki, white, and black, as well as muted colors like olive green and dusky blue. Try blouses or tops in blush pink paired with darker color jackets, or a blush pink women’s sweater and a pair of tan pants or colored leggings this season.

Warm Autumn Browns Are In

Rich, melty, and delicious-looking - warm browns are just the thing when it comes to your fall wardrobe. This flattering and versatile color collection includes shades like caramel, toffee, walnut, cinnamon, and gingerbread which are beautiful in dresses, jackets, pants, boots, and accessories. Pair them with pastels, soft neutrals, or pops of color for a twist.

Sweet, Soft Beige

Beige and off-white shades are a welcome addition for fall outfits. These slightly warmer-than-white colors are ideal for an autumn look; their subtle contrast to cool white makes them an appealing fall staple. This is an excellent option for wearing with the many richer, warmer, and even brighter colors of the season, such as tangerine, burnt oranges, olive greens, and celery hues. Try shades like buttermilk or classic pale tan for versatile fall outfit additions.

Muted Marine-Inspired Colors for Fall

If you love the turquoise, aqua, and sea green shades of spring and summer, you’ll love the deeper take on marine-inspired hues this fall. Done in richer and darker shades, these marine greens and blues have a slightly dusky feel that makes them more appropriate for fall than their brighter counterparts, but have plenty of character, too. These colors make excellent choices for blouses, jackets, dresses, and accessories.

Royal Purple for a Majestic Autumn Look

If you want to look and feel like royalty, this next color trend has you covered. Saturated purples have a unique blend of sophistication and creativity, which means you can feel incredibly confident wearing this hot shade. It’s a good option to try in sweaters, blouses, turtlenecks, and scarves. Look to make this shade a focal point when you wear it. The color isn’t overpowering, but it is a bit bolder than some of the other colors on this list.

Silver and Gold

Finally, silver and gold are going to be trending this season. Metallics have always had a place in fall and winter styles. You can take it to the limit with metallic tops, tunics, and dresses, or pare down the sparkle with a hint of metallic color in a scarf, handbag, or some jewelry.

Fresh Fall Colors Mean Fabulous Fashions

The best fall colors to wear this season will fit your clothing personality and lifestyle. Fortunately, this season’s mix of subtle neutrals, creative twists on classic colors, and classically inspired hues mean there is something for everyone.


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