Best Comfy Shorts to Wear When Playing Tennis

Best Comfy Shorts to Wear When Playing Tennis

Move your body, break a sweat, and get into the outdoors with a tennis match this season. Tennis isn’t just a great workout, it’s also a way to socialize and enjoy a beautiful sunny day. When it comes to tennis attire, there are several options for women’s shorts and skorts you have to check out. Here’s the lineup of the best women’s tennis shorts.

Short and Sweet

Tennis requires you to move quickly. You’re often in a spread stance, on your toes while playing a game or participating in a match. The last thing you want is your clothing getting in the way of chasing that volley over the net. Form-fitting shorts are a great option for tennis. They allow for maximum mobility and minimal friction while on the go. With spandex shorts, you won’t have to worry about anything other than returning that rival serve.

Long and Covered

For those who want a little more coverage, long shorts can work quite well for tennis. Look for shorts that come up to mid-thigh. Any longer and moving through the court may feel difficult. The key is selecting stretchy fabric, such as high-tech synthetic blends that move with you as you sprint to the net. Not just any long short will do; you’ll want something specifically designed for coverage and mobility. This is no small task. Typically, longer shorts will need to have a slightly looser fit through the legs and be fitted along your glutes to give you the mobility you need to move fast. Elastic waistbands work best since they allow for the most flexibility. The benefit of longer shorts, aside from more coverage, is that it’s easier to store tennis balls.

Pockets Galore

One of the more important aspects of tennis shorts is pockets. Pockets need to be extra useful to hold a ball or two. Housing a tennis ball in a pocket is part art, part science. The shorts pockets need to be long and wide enough to accommodate a couple of tennis balls, but they shouldn’t be so baggy that the ball moves about. This fine balance creates the perfect shorts for playing tennis.

Ideally, you’ll want the ball to set snug against your upper or mid-thigh. The ball should stay put and as you bend your legs or hinge at the hips, the ball should not impinge movement. For short, fitted shorts, this is a no-brainer; just slip the ball into a dedicated pocket. These typically have a little bulge and fit around the tennis ball snugly. For longer shorts, be sure to try them on and put a few tennis balls in them before you buy them. Remember, functionality really counts for the perfect pair of tennis shorts.

Breathable Fabrics

Just like your favorite short sleeve women’s shirts you want your tennis shorts to breathe. Racking up sets on the court will leave you hot and sweaty, so why not have a pair of shorts that work with you? Search for breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. This stops your shorts from sticking to your skin, chafing, or inhibiting movement. Light, UPF, moisture-wicking, stretchy fabrics work best for tennis. Of course, a pair of shorts that are designed specifically for tennis work best, but any athletic shorts should cover all of these bases.

Mobility Counts

Aside from looking your finest, you need to be able to move first and foremost. Three-way stretch fabrics give you the optimal amount of mobility. Stretching your legs for those long reaches in a heated volley session is what keeps you putting points on the board. Essentially, your tennis shorts should feel like a second skin. Function counts for high-performance sports, so don’t forget to go with something that lets you move freely.

Pepper in Some Personal Style

There are good tennis shorts, then there are great tennis shorts. The difference is how you feel wearing your tennis shorts. Don’t forget to add that personal touch; perhaps it’s your favorite bright color or maybe it’s a cute pattern that turns heads on the court. From plus size shorts to petite sizes, you should feel like a Wimbledon superstar. When you wear your tennis shorts, it should put a smile on your face because when you feel amazing, you’ll play with added confidence.

Tennis shorts need to function and let you move freely. You’ll want pockets where it counts so you can spend time focused on your game, not chasing rogue tennis balls. Add a dash of your personal flare and you have the perfect shorts for playing tennis.


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