5 Reasons Fashion Gifts are Great for Him and Her

5 Reasons Fashion Gifts are a Great Idea

What's not to love about getting a wardrobe upgrade over the holidays? Forget the age-old joke of socks in your stocking. Make gifting clothes fun with on-trend staples and creative ways to gift a fashion-forward wardrobe. Don't let gifting clothing be a drag this holiday season with these five ways to give the gift of fashion.

1. Use Clothing Staples to Hint at Bigger Gifts

One great way to gift less exciting clothes?—think men's long underwear or kid's socks?—is to utilize these wardrobe staples to hint at bigger gifts. For example, say you want to gift your kiddo horse riding lessons. Slip a pair of socks with little horse designs into your child's stockings this season and have your kid guess what the gift really represents.

You can even get your whole family involved by gifting everyone something different and have them work together to figure out the big surprise! Giving experiences rather than things is all the rage this holiday season. Combine those exciting experiences with the perfect outfit to wear during them and the whole family will be all smiles.

2. Friends Love Fashion

Do you have a friend who just gets your style? We love it when we find ourselves #twinning at work. This year, bring on the cuteness by getting your gal pals similar looks. For example, get your BFF a scarf in her favorite color while you have a similar one in a different shade, or you can opt for a pair of matching pajamas. Make the matching PJs exciting by celebrating with an at-home brunch where you all wear your new threads while you laugh and create memories. The point is to share in the holiday cheer this season with coordinating clothing gifts for your friends and family that say "We are together" but also show off your personal preferences.

3. To Flair Is to Care

This year, the smallest gifts make can the biggest gestures. Instead of going all-out on a new wardrobe for everyone on your list, gift personal fashion accessories instead. Maybe your beau needs a new watch while the kiddos could use updated lunch boxes (pssst, fill them up with their favorite treats to add some excitement). Choose smaller gifts that have a bigger meaning, like a personalized necklace with their initials or a pendant that highlights something unique about them, such as their favorite animal or color. Whatever it is, bigger isn't always better. These small accessories have more impact than a large gesture. It's the season of giving, so nothing says "I appreciate you" quite like a well-thought-out accessory to match that perfect outfit.

4. Basics are Best

Gifting clothing can sometimes seem daunting. What do you buy the most fashion-forward person on your list? Keeping up with trends is tough stuff, but there are a few wardrobe staples that every fashionista needs. Start with the basics like a brown or black leather ankle boot, a pair of skinny jeans, or even a set of cozy, organic cotton tank tops. These may seem like mundane items to you, but even the biggest fashionista on your list loves their goes-with-whatever jeans.

For picky people, basics work best, since they can embellish and style with ease. Couple those basics with a gift card to their favorite store; that way, the trendsetter on your list can get what they want to add to their new basics.

5. Bring on the Memories

Have you ever looked at an item of clothing and thought about all of the timeless memories you've had? Maybe you wore your favorite coat the day you got your big promotion, or perhaps it reminds you of your favorite date night. Like smells, clothing reminds you of the incredible moments in your life. So why not give that special someone the gift of a classic wardrobe staple that they'll turn to again and again. Who knows? Maybe that girl's sweater will be your kid's new lucky shirt that brings smiles for years to come. Keep it personal by gifting their favorite color, pattern, or style that speaks to them. For something boho chic, look for classic cozy comfort. Fashion-forward men and woman will want sophisticated styles that offer either a fun yet timeless feel. Kids will love clothing that highlights their favorite things, while teens want to be on-trend and fit in.

Clothing doesn't need to be drab this holiday season. Make clothing a gift to remember with creative, entertaining gift ideas that never go out of style. Keep the fashion-forward folks on your gift list happy with thoughtful fashion gift ideas they'll remember.

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