Best Clothes to Wear While Gardening

Best Clothes to Wear While Gardening

There’s nothing like fresh-grown produce from your garden. It's not only economical but it’s also tastier (you can’t argue that a home-grown tomato doesn’t taste better than a store-bought one!). Even if growing fruits and veggies isn’t your thing, some flowers in your yard or garden can completely transform the look of your home or yard. Whatever type of gardener you are — whether you have a handful of plants or an entire greenhouse — you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the right attire when heading out to your blooming buds. Don’t let a wardrobe dilemma stop you either. There are a few essentials to keep on-hand to make sure you’re comfortable, functional, and stylish while gardening.

A Top with Sun Protection

Not all shirts are created equal when it comes to gardening. Besides being stain-resistant (hello, dirt!), it should also be durable, quick-drying, and can wick away moisture quickly. You’ll be watering plants and maybe even getting a little overheated, so you’ll want a shirt that is not only durable but comfy. Don’t forget about the sun. Most of the sun’s damaging UV rays can creep through shirts, making one with a UPF 50 sun protection factor all the more important. You may want to even consider a women’s rashguard which is great for drying quickly and protecting your skin from the sun.

A Maxi Dress with Pockets

If wearing a sundress is more your style than wearing a shirt and shorts, nobody says you can’t wear a dress while gardening. Long maxi dresses for women that protect your knees and cover your legs when you’re kneeling over planting or picking weeds can be great for gardening (and you’ll look cute while doing it!). Deep pockets give you somewhere to stick your phone, or any small shovel or weed-pulling tools you might want to have handy as well.

Waterproof Shoes or Boots with Traction

Depending on how serious of a gardener you are, you’ll want to keep your feet in mind. Gardening can be muddy and slippery, after all. And, even if you’re just headed out to check on your plants in the morning or evening, the grass can be dewy and wet. Flip-flops offer no protection from the wetness and can leave you prone to slipping on anything damp. Fabric sneakers can get damp and then take ages to dry afterward. Plus, they aren’t necessarily easy to slip on. As such, some boots or clogs are great to keep by the door to slip on whenever you want to head out to your yard or garden. And if they’re waterproof, you can spray any mud or dirt off with a hose without worrying about ruining them.

Bottoms with Pockets

Some women’s Bermuda shorts with pockets can come in quite handy when gardening. Pockets ensure you have room for fertilizer packets, gardening tools, and your cellphone. And the added length of a Bermuda short protects your thighs from the sun and any prickly thorns that might surprise you in the garden. For cooler weather, some flexible cargo pants that allow you to move freely will be a better choice than shorts (or if you simply don’t want your legs exposed to the sun).

Head Protection

A good gardening hat will not only protect you from the sun but also from the creepy-crawly and flying creatures that tend to hang out around dirt and plants. If sun protection is key for you, consider a gardening hat with a wide brim to not only protect your face but also your neck (which tends to be bent over while gardening, exposing the back of it to excessive sunlight). It should be lightweight too since most of your body heat escapes through your head. You don’t want a heavy hat that traps that heat, making you sweaty and uncomfortable.

Whatever Keeps You Comfortable

Sometimes “gardening” is simply waking up and heading outside with your cup of coffee to water your plants and pick a few random weeds. As such, there’s no need to get all dressed up in special gardening attire when you’re only going to head back inside to start the rest of your day. There’s nothing wrong with throwing on some comfy women’s loungewear to start your day and head to your garden. Pull on some elastic waistband capris after you wake up, and you’ll be better dressed than most of your neighbors when they get up in the morning (and you’ll be comfortable, too!).

People’s interest in gardening has doubled over just the past 10 years. It isn’t just about pretty flowers and landscapes either. People are health-conscious now more than ever and like to have a little bit of control from knowing exactly where their produce is grown. Plus, it’s fun to plant something and watch it grow. So get dressed in some new gardening attire (whether it’s a dress, shorts, or capris), and don’t be afraid to get a little dirt on you.


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