Best Cardigans to Keep On Hand for Summer

Best Cardigans to Keep On Hand for Summer

Summer’s here, and it’s time to get out all those breezy shorts, tees, and tank tops that have been hiding away at the back of your closet! Before you hit the summer scene, though, take a quick look at what you have on hand when it comes to women’s cardigans. These staples can be lifesavers for many different outfits and situations throughout the season.

Why Keep Cardigans on Hand for Summer?

Before you get the scoop on all the fabulous cardigan styles you want to have around for summer, you may be wondering why it’s important to have these pieces in your wardrobe. It’s simple: there will be times and places where you need that extra light layer. No matter what the climate is like where you live, the weather can be unpredictable, so it can be helpful to have a slight layer to put over your summer outfit if the temps cool down or it gets breezy.

Your summer evenings are sure to be filled with tons of fun activities, but the shorts and tank top or cute summer dress you wore during the day might not be enough to keep you comfortable when the sun goes down. Indoors, air conditioners can run the gamut from refreshing to downright freezing, so there will likely be lots of times you’re glad you had that cardigan on hand, whether it’s at work, the mall, or out on the town with the girls. Finally, these lightweight beauties work well to finish off an outfit for a complete look.

Light Open-Front Cardigans

As breezy and beautiful as any of your summer pieces, a lightweight cardigan with an open-front design is an essential piece for summer. These casual sweaters can easily be worn over shorts, capris, ankle-length pants, women’s dresses, and more. Because the style is very versatile, it can mesh easily with somewhat dressy looks and casual styles. Pair it with denim shorts and a v-neck tee, or a ruffled blouse and cute summer skirt. Throw it on over a glitzy tank and skinny jeans for date night, or over a pencil skirt and button-up blouse for work.

Short-Sleeve Cardigans

The only thing you may love more than a long-sleeve cardigan in the summer months is its short-sleeved sister version! Designed with all the style of the traditional sweater but with a lighter and cooler design thanks to the shorter sleeves, a short-sleeve cardigan makes the perfect companion to many summer looks. It adds polish to summer dresses and helps finish off outfits like khaki or chino shorts with lightweight women’s summer short sleeve shirtsWomen’s jeans and casual pants get a boost of sophistication when you throw on a short-sleeved cardigan over even a simple top like a spaghetti-strap tank.

Light Button-Up Cardigans

Pretty, polished, and still at home for summer, a light button-front cardigan adds that perfect finishing touch to summer dresses, skirt outfits, and a variety of short and pant outfits for the season. Because a full-sleeve cardigan is a little more dressy than a short-sleeved version, these are especially great for work or places where you need to look a little more put-together.

Casual Cotton Cardigans

Casual cotton cardigans come in lots of styles, like open-front looks with pockets and light button styles. Any way you choose to wear it, cotton is a great summer fabric. Casual cardigans look great with dressed-down outfits like leggings or capri pants, casual women’s shorts, cropped pants, sundresses, and much more.

Stylish Striped Cardigans

There’s nothing that says summer better than stripes, and a cardigan with classic stripes always looks flattering. Don a striped light cardigan with a solid tee and lightweight slacks for an effortless outfit, or throw it on over a solid-colored slip dress for an instant style boost.

Lightweight Jersey-Knit Cardigans

You love your jersey-knit tees and tops, so why not try a cardigan in this soft, comfortable fabric? Lighter than standard sweater materials, this makes a great choice for spring and summer. Because the fabric is light and has some stretch, it has a breezy look that makes it ideal for warm-weather wear. Choose a couple in solid colors to have on hand to mix and match with any summer outfit.

Drape or Waterfall Front Cardigans

These classy yet feminine cardigans are another summer essential. The flow of a light cardigan with a drape or waterfall front makes a pretty accent to summer tops and dresses. Because it’s stylish without being stuffy, it can go from work to play in a snap.

Don’t Forget the Cardigan Cover-up!

With all these great styles, don’t overlook your beach-worthy cardigan — the cover-up! These styles are made in lightweight designs and can be worn over your swimwear or beach outfits for a beautiful, breezy vibe.

Cardigans for Summer Can’t Be Beat

There’s no limit to the different layered looks and fun options you can come up with when you have a variety of lightweight cardigans on hand for summer. From classy stripes to pretty jersey knits, you can find pieces that jazz up your outfits and keep you comfortable no matter how the temperatures fluctuate.


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