Best Business Casual Styles for Petite Women

Best Business Casual Styles for Petite Women

Whether you’re building your business casual wardrobe or adding new pieces for the season, petite women’s styles are better than ever. Done in flattering cuts and a plethora of looks, there are endless options for creating outfits that are work-ready and make all ladies look and feel fabulous. Look for everything from on-trend accessories to classic staples that offer the ultimate for today’s business casual workplaces. Be ready to face your workweek in confidence and style when you start with the best business casual styles for petite women here.

Understanding Business Casual

Today’s workplaces have come a long way in terms of their dress requirements, and more offices and businesses than ever before allowing business casual and even casual clothing. What exactly does this mean? While it will ultimately depend on how your specific workplace defines it and what the dress requirements are according to your HR department guidelines, generally speaking, business casual is a broad category of professional or work-appropriate clothing that incorporates traditional business attire with more relaxed pieces. The idea is often that employees will look sharp and polished but not required to dress in formal business suits on a daily basis. The result can be beneficial for both companies and employees in many ways, so it’s no wonder that many brands have adopted this type of dress code. The following are examples of great business casual looks for petite ladies.

Try Petite Pencil Skirts With Button-Up Blouses and Smart Blazers

A bit more relaxed than a full business suit, this outfit will give any woman the confidence she needs while still feeling comfortable. Petite pencil skirts and blouses are cut in just the right lengths to be flattering to petite body types and are right on point for business casual. Pair them with a coordinating jacket or blazer for a look that can’t be beaten at the office. Solid-color skirts and jackets in shades like navy, grey, tan, or muted colors will be appropriate for business casual. Blouses in classic colors like white, pale blue, and cream are always acceptable, but you can generally have some leeway with your top and incorporate some color or a pretty print with an outfit like this. Small heels and understated jewelry will finish off the look and keep petite ladies looking fabulous.

Petite Business-Style Slacks With Pullover Sweaters

Another great outfit option is business-appropriate slacks like corduroy pants for women worn with petite pullover sweaters. Choose slacks done in an active trouser design or slim-fit pencil pants or khakis. Petite fits will keep the look perfectly balanced as they won’t be too long for any woman’s figure and will keep the outfit looking as polished as possible. Pullover sweaters, such as a V-neck or crewneck cashmere sweater for women, will add a sophisticated but relaxed look to the business pants for a complete outfit that’s elegant without being over-the-top formal. Small heels or sleek flats work well with this look. Add a necklace or subtle fashion scarves for an extra touch.

Sleek Petite Chinos With Polos and Jackets Hit the Mark

For a go-to business casual outfit, every petite woman can appreciate, turn to a combo of sleek chinos and polished-looking women’s polo shirts. Find petite chinos in a variety of fits, from slim-fit styles to classic relaxed looks, plus modern fits with a hint of stretch. These comfortable and work-ready pants are excellent to pair with a variety of tops, but for business casual, they look great with a petite polo shirt and a complementary jacket. You can easily mix and match color combinations with this type of outfit. For example, a pretty pastel polo top looks beautiful with a dark-colored blazer. Classic colors like white, navy and pale blue always work well or try a seasonal color to keep it looking on-trend. A simple brooch or small hoop earrings and a pair of smart loafers are all a petite lady need to finish off this popular business casual style.

Sweater Sets and Pleated Skirt Outfits Flatter

A sweater set is a great choice for petite business casual looks. It’s smart and pretty without being too fussy. Choose a sweater set that matches or is in complementary colors to keep things in harmony, and try it out with a stylish pleated knee-length skirt. Choosing the right petite fit will ensure that the pleats and skirt lengths fall right where they are the most flattering, and a petite sweater set will keep your figure looking its best. Neutral hose or tights with flats or closed-toe heels make this outfit look great, and a classic chain or pearls makes a lovely jewelry accent with this look.

Ankle-Length Pants, Long Cardigans, and Blouses for On-Trend Petite Style

For a relaxed but still business-casual-friendly look that’s right on-trend, choose ankle-length pants with a coordinating blouse and a long blazer. It’s key to look for petite fits in your pants and blazer, so the pants fall to the right level, and the cardigan hits at hope length or just below. You can get a little creative with this look and try dark ankle pants with print blouses or pants in a pinstripe or a small check with a solid blouse.

Petite Styles Perfect for a Business Casual Wardrobe

With a little experimenting, every petite lady can find just the right blend of pieces to create stunning business casual outfits. The key is mixing and matching those traditional and more relaxed pieces for a polished look that’s always on point, fits, and flatters.


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