The Dos and Don'ts of Pulling Off Athleisure Fashion

The Dos and Don'ts of Pulling Off Athleisure Fashion

Trendy. Comfortable. Casual. Colorful. Versatile. These are the words that best describe athleisure. And yes, the athleisure trend is here to stay—and most of us are very happy about this. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being comfortable all day long.

For active women, the emergence of athleisure fashion means it’s now socially acceptable to wear your workout clothes in public. (Hooray!) Think high-waisted yoga pants, sneakers, joggers, leggings, sweatpants, gym tanks, shorts, and hoodies. Athleisure is comfort meets fashion—finally!

For women who aren’t so sporty, casually wearing athletic wear just might get you inspired to start working out. Whether this is true or not, the athleisure trend also means you have more cute, comfy clothes that are appropriate for the gym, the grocery store, and a night out. Athleisure fashion takes you everywhere with ease and style.

Don’t worry, guys: This trend applies to you too. And, it’s fairly simple for men to pull it off: a nice men's hoodie looks great with everything from jeans and sweatpants to joggers and even trousers. We love the newest tapered knit joggers for men, as well as the full-zip athleisure jackets. You can’t go wrong.

But, let's face it: even though we all want to wear sweats all day long, every single day, that probably isn’t the best decision. A great solution is to mix dependable athleisure pieces with some of your favorite wardrobe staples to create a wardrobe that will take you from home office to school meetings to a night out with friends. Here are some “dos and don’ts” for athleisure fashion so that you look great while feeling comfy.

Do #1: Choose Pieces That Highlight Your Favorite Body Part

Love your legs? Find a comfy pair of shorts. Proud of your arms? Throw on a cute women's tank top for your next grocery run. Love your butt? Get a nice pair of workout leggings that celebrates what you’ve got! Comfortable and flattering athletic clothes do so many things: first, they make you more likely to work out (we promise, it’s true!), and second, they give you a little boost of confidence to get through your day.

Don’t #1: Don’t Wear Anything Too Baggy

It’s a universal truth: clothing that’s too baggy looks sloppy, messy, and just a little weird on the wrong body type. Huge sweatshirts, baggy sweats, and giant T-shirts just look like you didn’t really try. Instead of “baggy comfort,” try to think of “fitted comfort” in your athleisure styles. Pieces like slim joggers, a women's cardigan sweater, and a flattering hoodie (in a fun color) will project confidence and style no matter where you go when you leave the house.

Do #2: Find a Great Pair of Black Leggings That Can Go With Anything

In our opinion, black women’s workout leggings are the perfect piece of clothing. Think about it: They go with everything. They fit on every single body type. They can be dressed up or dressed down with ease. They are incredibly versatile. Have a video call for work? Throw on a blazer. Running to a PTA meeting at school? Try a colorful cardigan and boots. Scheduled a quick yoga class? Grab a moisture-wicking tank top and your favorite yoga mat. Black leggings are the best.

Don’t #2: Don’t Mimic a Celebrity and Wear Heels with Your Sweats or Joggers

Sure, some rock stars and reality divas rock sweats with high heels, but we can’t think of any reason for a regular person to try it. Most women will agree: why wear painful heels if you don’t have to? If you are leaving the house in sweats or joggers and want to show off your style, simply trade your house slippers for really cute sneakers, and you’ll be set for anything! Make sure you’re wearing slim women’s joggers so that you have a really cute look. The right joggers will make you feel like a million bucks. (We know this from personal experience!)

Do #3: Try a Variety of Athleisure Styles to Find What Work Best for You.

Don’t assume that what looks great on your neighbor will look great on you. There are so many sleek and tailored athleisure pieces for you to try. Our advice? Play around with different styles to see what looks best on you and works for your daily routine. You’re sure to find something you love. And, there’s no harm in buying the same joggers in 10 different colors if you really love them!

Don’t #3: Wear Athleisure Pieces to a Fancy Party.

Sure, you might be able to push the limits and wear heels and yoga pants to a nice restaurant, but we draw the line for a fancy party. This just something you shouldn’t do. Sweats and a hoodie at a black-tie affair? We don’t think so! (Look back to Don’t #2…maybe you should leave that to the celebrities!)

The bottom line is that athleisure fashion is pretty much our favorite new trend, especially considering that we’re all working from home right now. As long as you follow some simple rules, these athleisure pieces will soon become a staple in your wardrobe. Comfort meets fashion. There's nothing better.


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