Are Water Shoes Waterproof?

Are Water Shoes Waterproof?

If you are someone who frequents the local beach, no doubt you’ve found yourself walking back to your car in bare feet on more than one occasion, soaked sneakers in hand. Most shoes, even the athletic types, aren’t made to mix with water; which can turn into a real problem if you stumble on wet terrain during a hike. That’s why water shoes are a must have for all outdoor adventurers. The name can be a bit confusing though; you’d expect water shoes to be water proof, right?

Well, they aren’t. But that’s exactly why they are the best option when it comes to all terrain footwear. Here’s why you should pack a pair for your next beach side excursion.

Water Shoes are Breathable

Water shoes might let the lake in, but they also let it back out. Unlike your waterproof boots, water shoes have mesh sides that keep your feet from staying moist all day long if some water were to get in. Having wet feet for too long can cause all sorts of health issues reaching from itchiness that might ruin your hike to blisters and circulation issues that could trouble you even after you’ve ditched the boots. Water shoes keep this from happening by letting moisture out and air in so that your toes can dry quickly, and trapped water doesn’t weigh you down. While perhaps not as important as the safety features, the breathable design of these water shoes also makes sure that your feet stay fresh and free of odor. Your family and friends will appreciate that on the long car ride home.

Water Shoes Keep Your Feet Safe and Secure

Hiking boots aren’t the only option for foot protection while out in nature. Even though water shoes are much lighter than their athletic and outdoorsy cousins, they are just as tough against whatever your outdoor adventures might throw their way. The rubber outsole that keeps water from soaking in also provides an extra layer of traction in slippery places and guards your feet against pointy rocks in your path. Water shoes are especially helpful when it comes to keeping your kids safe as they splash around in the lake or surf. When paired with a rash guard, they’ll be able to play all day without sunburns or sharp stones to slow them down!

Water Shoes Are Comfortable and Convenient

You’ll never have to bother with laces again thanks to the tongue and heel pulls that make slipping water shoes on and off a breeze. Once in place, bungee laces and spandex mesh make sure that the shoes stay put no matter how fast you swim. When you aren’t in the water, molded EVA footbeds absorb shocks to keep your feet comfortable as you hike and play. Not sure if your hike will include wet terrain? Bring them just in case; even the largest sizes of men’s water shoes are lightweight and easy to pack. They won’t weigh your beach bag down, so why not?

Water Shoes Are Stylish in Every Landscape

Whether you’re wandering the boardwalk with friends or hiking a favorite trail, your water shoes will make both a fashionable and functional addition to your outfit. In addition to a wide variety of colors and patterns to pick from, you can also choose from a collection of styles to make your look just right. Going for something sporty? Show off a set with bungee laces and an athletic style. Looking for a style you can dress up a bit? Match a sleek Mary Jane style with a summery shirt dress and make the transition from beach to restaurant with ease. Let your kids in on the fun and help them pick a fun set of kids’ swim shoes that perfectly fits their personality. No kid likes wearing protective clothes, so make sure they have something that they can get excited about wearing.

So, if you plan on strutting the beach with the ladies or exploring a lake-side trail with kids in tow, make sure that you bring your trusty water shoes along. Your feet will thank you!


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